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Am I being to sensitive?


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My girlfriend and her daughter moved in with me and my two kids a few months ago. A couple of weeks ago I saw she left her laptop up so I was going to prank her, change her FB profile pic and leave a message on her wall. Well as I was doing this a message from one of her guy friends came up and I discovered that she has been having sexual talks and exchanging suggestive pics with some of her guy friends. I confronted her about this and she more or less blew off saying it wasn't a big deal because it was only talk and would never go anywhere.

I talked to her allot about it and told her my feelings about it and how I felt it was the same as cheating on me. She still talks to them and while she promises she isn't talking to them in that same manner anymore she doesn't understand why I get upset about her continuing to talk to them nor does she see why I made a big deal about it.

I am wrong and just being old fashion about not liking her sexting other guy friends of hers?

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I would have packed my and moved out on the spot. There is a difference between sensitive and self respect. Watch a persons actions not what they say. When she has sex with this guy and tells you "I just wanted to see what it felt like and I realized I love you" are you going to buy it? I would never be in a relationship like that. Boundaries must be set and you need to stick up for yourself.

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naked pics and sexting to multiple guys is chaotic no matter her relationship status... That said, i could see how it evolves into multiple people. An ex, a second ex, nobody ever getting fully let go.


In any event, I would recommend you accept this only if you are attracted to a certain level of chaos, comfortable being monogamish, and the sex at home is top notch.

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I've dealt with this with ex's in the past. It will not stop unless you put your foot down, and even then it might not stop.


A lot of people become addicted to chatting online. They enjoy the attention and ego boost. She downplayed it because, in her mind, she has no intentions of ever actually being physical with these guys. Speaking from experience, it can turn physical in an instant. One argument with you and then one of her chat buddies offering to meet up to "console" her.


I wouldn't put up with it at all. It is emotional cheating.

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She never sent naked pics, at least not that I have seen. Though she has received a few, her pics have been things like her in the shower but the pic on shows above her breast without including them.

She doesn't see it the same way i do because according to her she has never been in a real relationship and doesn't know what it means to be in one. We are both in our late 30's

She is now upset with me because I don't like that she still talks to these friends even though she says she isn't talking that way anymore. She is also mad because I only prefer to them by a list of rather colorful names, I know it's a bit childish but I will not call them by their real names.

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She's playing stupid. Or worse, is stupid and believes shower pics to straight men is not at all provocative. The only shower pic you'll see me send while in a relationship is to one of my girlfriends showing off my new stripper sloth shower curtain. Nothing else.


I can see why she's never been in a real relationship past her 30's. She's not relationship material and won't be for even more time to come until she understands proper boundaries.

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