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  1. He could genuinely be sad that the relationship didn't work out. Just because it was his idea to end things doesn't mean he was happy about the decision.
  2. Hey all! I thought I'd hop on and update anyone who may be wondering about me. I'm doing wonderful! I met my guy nearly a year ago and we were married this past July. And before you say anything, finish reading. Lol First of all, for those that are here who may be lost or hurt....this place is full of wonderful people who give excellent advice. The trick is to tailor the advice given so that it fits into your life. Get therapy if you need to. Do some self help videos on YouTube. Pick yourself up and realize how awesome you really are! Once you're there, you're ready for your next rel
  3. IMO, you dodged a bullet. It seems he was love bombing you, a common tactic for narcissists and sociopaths. Him blaming you for his stress and outbursts makes him appear to possibly be a narcissist. I know it hurts, but I say cut your losses and be thankful you saw his true colors in the beginning.
  4. I would also like to add that NC is not meant to be used to get someone back. Speaking from experience, it doesn't work and you will drive yourself insane waiting for that 30 days to be over with. NC should be used to focus on yourself and as a means to move on from that person.
  5. Him not deleting you simply means he doesn't care enough to literally go through the trouble of deleting you.
  6. I learned that I really need to trust my intuition and to never overlook red flags.
  7. Don't send it. He already knows everything you are wanting to say. One carefully worded text is not going to change anything right now. If he wants to talk to you, he will contact you. And honestly, that's what you want. You don't want him to talk to you because he feels bad for dumping you. Leave him be and move forward with your life.
  8. Wow, you made him seem like a saint when it comes to all he is doing for his ex. Did all of that come from him or are you trying to make excuses to make the situation seem better than it really is? IMO, he still has feelings for his ex. He may also have feelings for you, however, your drinking and your behavior is keeping him from wanting to commit.....if he actually has feelings for you, that is. When you started seeing him, did you know about his ex? If so, you cant expect him to change that situation because you're uncomfortable with it. You started a relationship with him knowing hi
  9. He is just keeping you close, as an option. My suggestion would be to block him. I know how scary that may sound, but trust me, it is for the best. My ex strung me along for a while. I finally blocked him and have healed so much because I'm not sitting around waiting for his text.
  10. Thank you for all of the kind words. And I do hope someone reads this, and goes and reads my past posts to see all the mess I've allowed myself to go through, and realizes there is light at the end if you just believe in yourself. My ex and I split just over 5 months ago, so it does take time to get through the motions. Honestly, the best thing I did was block him so he couldn't keep reaching out to me because he would not stop and it was keeping me from healing.
  11. Thank you everyone! I'm really happy that I was able to overcome the pain and emotions and the anxiety. I feel amazing!
  12. Hey ya'll! I just wanted to write to let you all know I'm doing well. I'm no longer seeing the FWB and I'm no longer talking to the guy who came back after ghosting me last year. I'm sticking to myself and starting to enjoy being single. I'm not dating nor do I feel the desire to date right now. My life is definitely a lot less stressful! I'm totally focused on improving myself and giving my daughter the best life possible. I hope you're all doing well!
  13. I thought I was doing good by staying away from OLD and not trying to find a new relationship. You are all right, I do not like to be alone. I like having a man in my life in some capacity. It all stems from my father not being in my life. I know you are all just trying to help me and I am taking everything ya'll say seriously. I'm not even sure when/if I'll see my FWB again. I'm not really concerned with it. I started seeing him to help get over my ex and it worked. It wasn't the best idea but my therapist says as long as I feel okay with what I'm doing then it's ok. As far as the
  14. I'm not dating. I've known my FWB for over a year now, so he's not someone i just jumped into this with. Neither one of us are wanting anything serious. Yes, I know my attachment style plays a huge role in the crap I get myself into, but going into this knowing it is not going to lead anywhere is not the same as dating some guy hoping we will end up being together forever and getting crushed when it doesn't work out. I was having a casual thing with my FWB before I met my ex and had no problem cutting it off back then. I totally know my pattern and I completely understand where you are com
  15. Hey guys, so I had to take a hiatus and get myself straight. I am casually chatting with this guy still, one or 2 texts a day, nothing major. I have not seen him nor have I really wanted to. I am still interested im him because we had such a good connection before, but I've let him know I'm not dating right now. And I mean it, I'm not dating right now because I know I need to stop with my destructive patterns. I have been casually seeing a friend for a month or so. We go out and I guess you could call us FWB. It was crazy to start it but we discussed what we wanted from the start and
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