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Does he like me??


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Guys, so I have something stucks in my mind for days..


I have been talking to a guy for like 3 years, we're just friends. He has asked me out for a several of times but I always said no. I guess because I was too young and I wasn't looking for anything serious.

I used to flirt with him a lot, but after that I had boyfriend and he also had a girlfriend so we stopped talking for a bit.

I broke up with my ex few months ago. And he was also single at that time. He texted me after months, said that he just wanted to say hello. I deicded to talk to him because its no harm obviously.


He used to text me when I was drunk as hell but that no longer happens.

He's texting me everyday now. Whenever I wake up, I saw his messages. He texts me while at work too, of course he's busy, its not like he keeps texting me every minute but like we do talk a lot.

But he sometimes replies really slow and his replies are like "lol" or "haha" and I didn't know how to reply to that so I just stopped texting. But he would send something after like "how's work been?" or "are you home?" or "what are you doing tonight"


I don't know if he really likes me or just considers me as a friend?

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Obviously he did like you and you liked that he liked you, but you turned him down several times so he probably figured it was never going to happen.


Now, he doesn't treat you the same and you are all like, 'does he like me?'


Honestly, I'd say yes, but what is he supposed to do? You have turned him down before and are distant. What do you want from him? If you like him and there is now a chance, why don't you ask him out?

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