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Do they like each other? Should I make a move on her?


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Here is the context: I met this girl a month ago in an online meetup group. We became pretty good friends and I knew since the first meetup that she was single since casually joked about it a bit at that meetup. About 2 weeks ago, a new person joined our meetup group after he was introduced by another person within the group, and that new guy and the girl talked a bit but nothing special. Anyways, today, we went on a road trip, the new guy and the girl seemed to be hitting it off exceptionally well. The new guy and the girl alternated driving her car along the way, which seemed to me that she trusts him. Then when we went hiking, I see the guy playfully touching her hair and patting her back, and they talked quite a lot as well. The girl didn't really reciprocate the touching though. However, I started to feel a little jealous and it's only now that I realize that I like her. Should I make a move or would I risk creating a love triangle doing so? I really don't want to create drama within our friend group...

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Do you really like her or are you feeling territorial? New guy comes in and gets attention?


If you really like her then ask her out. A lot of people use MeetUp to actually meet single people and since she joked about being single with you why not just ask her out?


Don't worry about what his intentions are or are not or what might happen. She is single and so are you so be brave and ask her out today. Don't wait one more day.



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You like her or do you only like her because some other guy does too? There is a difference......


Either way, there is no love triangle. Sounds like you are in her friend zone and like this new guy and her have actual chemistry. She is not some hapless wallflower, she will easily choose a guy she feels chemistry with IF she is looking to date and reject the guy she friend zoned. As for her not reciprocating physical touch, you need to realize that she is both allowing it and inviting it by putting herself into inviting proximity for him to do so and when he does, she isn't rejecting it. Body language can be subtle and the chemistry between them is definitely there. Doubt you are going to step into the middle of that without getting swiftly kicked out. So I wouldn't waste my time and definitely check your motivations.

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