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I Broke A Month Of No Contact, What Should I Do Now?


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It has been a month of no contact and I sent her a message saying I listened to your fave band heard that they were going to release an album, hope you're okay, she responded saying "yes I'm excited. Hope all is well"


Stupidly I made the mistake of breaking no contact. I was the one who got dumped, however, I'm debating whether I should text her again, then try and engage in a phone call with her? Just wondered what all of you thought?


Should I go back to no contact, OR since I've broken no contact should I pursue my ex in another text conversation and give her a call to try and catch up?


I understand the relationship is dead, I'm aware of the issues that were involved, but I've been thinking of the best way to approach this situation now that I've broken the no contact rule


We were together for a year, and I went to university for my first year during that time. I came back over the summer, but then we started arguing over small stupid things, she was going through a rough patch, because she was trying to apply for university and didn't get the grades (still managed to get in). She bailed on our year anniversary because she claimed all we would do is argue at that moment I ended the phone call, and snapped at her over text. She wanted space, I went away on holiday came back, she wanted to talk. We met and she told me she didn't think that it work out anymore.


Prior to all this we went to a music festival and she invited her friends, two I had briefly met, but apart from that, I knew no one else. She wanted me to be happy and enjoy myself and I did, but at times I felt left out from her friends because they didn't know me well. Nevertheless I tried to make an effort to get on with them and they seemed pretty happy at times.


The two friends I had briefly met, were initially a couple who were in a long-lasting relationship but were recently going through a breakup together. They were acting more of a couple then we were at times, and her friend apprently pointed this out to her (my ex told me this during breakup talk). Which in turn made the situation worse because she had been going through a breakup and was telling my ex that i wasn't worth it, even though the issues we had with oneanother were fixable in my opinion.


Nevertheless, I'm not sure what to do. Part of me also feels that part of her reason was university, and that she may of not wanted to keep the relationship going into that, because it would be too much of a responsibility....even though I managed to do it during the course of our year relationship as I'm a year above her at uni (we're at different uni's btw)


Overall I've recently broken non contact that lasted a month (its been two months since the breakup). She responded very formally and distant, and now I'm thinking since I've already broken no contact, if I message her again, try to persuade to talk on the phone to catch up?


Recently I was unfollowing her/defriending her on social media, and out of curiosity (stupidity) I looked at what she had been retweeting on twitter, and by the looks of it she misses me/regrets it? But hates me (Tweet "Wish I had a boyfriend to cuddle me. Shame boys are d*cks")


I also sent a letter 2 weeks after the break up, just being positive remembering the relationship for what it was, how I loved her, and that I apologise for the damage I caused and that I respect her decision.


If anyone wants more of an insight, just ask, just confused what i should do at this point

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