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unsure of the way forward, to stay or go


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honestly, im in abit of a pickle. i was dating this lovely girl for about 2 months give or take, it was all going well besides some insecurities that i had which would later hurt me but it was all well and good. we were best friends before so naturally we had that banter and spark, then last friday happened. we were hanging after work and she had just bought pizza and we were relaxing i then started to open up about my past, how i had cheated before and how i spoke to other girls i was trying to be honest and really put myself out there. naturally, she assumed the worst and went through my phone finding texts from a little over a week and a half ago with me suggesting that if i was single me and this other girl could come out. over the past week since then she has said repeatedly she doesnt trust me and doesnt feel safe with me. i told her everything im telling you as you read this, there was no intent by what i did it was just a miscommunication. anyway so a week on im feeling incredibly guility about what i did. and even as we are now " friends " that still talk every day and still have feelings she wants to talk time to rebuild the trust we had as friends first and then see where we go from there. now its a situation that if i follow can lead me to getting her back and persistence and courage got me her in the first place but thats a long road and i can see the hills already. the other one is to simply say my goodbyes and move on, i still love her and i am extremely upset with my actions so i want to stay but it is also a situation that carries alot of weight as i have commited myself to not move on to other girls and to show her i want this. can someone honestly tell me what i should do? what i did is cheating but its something that could of been sorted out if i didnt lie about what was on my phone, but i honestly didnt feel the texts bad in an anyway.


thank you

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