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Article: What happens to your brain during/after a breakup...


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I know that a lot of us are in various stages of recovery out here either during or after a breakup. I went through my own personal hell too which included all the physical symptoms that (depending on your level of emotional attachment, state of physical conditioning, diet, etc) made me feel like I had a two week hangover after I learned that my ex had moved on.


I've posted this in some threads before in response to others expressing how much psychological and physical pain they are experiencing. I hope from ScienceAlert.com helps others make sense of what is happening behind the scenes of what they're dealing with.


If the mods will permit, I invite others to post other articles that help us make sense of what we're dealing with from a psychological and physical perspective. If the mods frown upon this, I understand and defer to their judgement as to whether or not this thread has merit.


Keep moving forward....

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