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He said all I think about is food and sex and it is annoying


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So my boyfriend of two years that I'm living with tells me that all I talk about is food and sex and that it is annoying. So I am a pretty sensitive person, I like to talk about everything and a lot of things which makes me open minded and intelligent. I am livid he has said this. He says that he is too busy with his job and playing on the computer and doing what he wants to do and that we eventually get to that. I mean I feel like I never want to have sex with him again. The only reason why I flirt with him is to get attention because I find it difficult to have interactions with him. I am in a good situation right now because I am in the middle of town and can't drive so things are easy for me. He just up and quit his job and has borrowed over 2,000$ from me that I've offered to half him on to buy a car and meet his expenses. He has a daughter who is very important to him who he sees daily. I am just thinking that I am convenient to have around but that my feelings don't matter that much to him and I should probably go do something else with my life. I asked if he wanted a break and he said why did it have to be like that he just wants to do what he wants to do and he is really busy, etc. That's just just insulting to me.

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I think that you should question what you get out of all of this.


He is defecting. He wants to do what he wants and does not care abut your needs, but he seems happy to take your money. I hope that you got a promissory note for repayment?


He has a daughter to support and he quit his job?


How long has all of this been going on? I'm assuming that he has always put his own needs first, as demonstrated in leaving his job.


I would be done with this. Do not give him another cent!

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He pokes his head in and says why are you so angry like I wouldn't take that offensively or something, like that shxt isn't even offensive in general.


Good luck to me, he will repay the money, so that is ok and I think that will happen. He has a new temporary job now for the inbetween.


He is depressed and feels defective frequently but I could hardly hold that against him.


I think he has always been like that, its just he used to be a lot more interested in sex and me in general. I think he is just sick of me.

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