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Weird Break-Up


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Hey. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me last night but said that although that chapter was now closed, she was open to going on a date with me next week to 'get to know each other again', adding, 'but right now, we are single'.


Is this weird? I'm not sure how to take it. It's almost like she's decided to press some kind of reset button.

I've booked a posh restaurant for Tuesday thinking if it's our last date, then it might as well be a nice one.


Also, we live together, and I'm getting anxiety just thinking about her being intimate with other people. How do I deal with this?


Any advice on either of the above would be much appreciate.

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It sounds like she's already got a date lined up, and it's not with you. She's giving herself a way to see someone else without technically cheating. At the same time, she's given you hope you can rebuild in case it doesn't work out with whomever she's got her eye on.


Sorry OP, but unless you two had some legitimate issues that need working on and had been having problems, this has all the indications of a third party being involved.


Either way, I would not be taking her out to some fancy restaurant. You need to know what exactly is going on with her, and not reward that type of behaviour with a date. An honest conversation in which you both lay your cards on the table, yes. Over a posh meal, no.

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