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When a guy talks to everyone except you


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When starting this new job after I moved cities, I noticed this really cute guy and started develop feelings for him. He's popular around the work place and seems to comfortably talk to and joke around with everyone except me. I don't think it's because I'm new since he talks to this other girl who started around the same time as I did. We make eye contact and smile at each other but when I try to start up a conversation, he keeps it simple and moves on to do the next thing and would sometimes just leave me standing there. I mean, even if he didn't feel the same way, shouldn't he be friendly and nice enough to hold a conversation? I've made conversation with everyone else at work except for him and he's done the same. I'd understand if he wasn't interested in me but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. He spoke to me and was really nice the first time we met, but that's it. He's not rude or anything, just a little distant and quiet when I'm around. What does the change in his attitude mean?

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Could he have any idea that you have feelings for him? Cause he might sense that, not be interested and therefore act distant.

And also not everyone wants to be our friends...

You could always try asking him for a one on one coffee meeting or something like that.

Take control and don't waste time pining after him, it's best to know! Good luck!

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