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My ex and her strange behavior. What does it mean?


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I was with this girl for about 10 months. We work for the same company so therefore in the same building. She works in a different department. We broke up about 3 months ago and she said the most hurtful things possible and basically acted as though she wanted me out of her life forever. After a very messy break up things were quiet for the most part. However, she ruined my reputation with 3 cute girls she is friends with I work with in my own department during the break up (she me in detail that she did this to keep me from forming a relationship with them). These girls now are rude don't speak to me at all and have formed some what of a mean girls club.


This is where it gets strange... Me and these exes friends work in the call center department and my desk is by the glass door with only one older man that sits between me and the door. Most days she chooses to meet up with these friends that she has made hate me right outside the door in plain view to chat. There are a million other places to stand. I turn my head and act like I don't care and told myself that this was not deliberate even though it drove me crazy. Finally today my coworker (the older man who sits between me and the door) said " I don't understand why that girl stands there every day? She never talked to me before, but she just stands there and looks and looks at me. So i just wave.. " She often also finds any excuse to stop someone coming into our call center right outside the door that she wouldn't even normally speak to in order to seemingly have an excuse to come in or to stand outside the door. So why is she doing this if she wants nothing to do with me? Why not just speak to me whatever she is feeling. I'm all about talking about things, I just don't understand the motivation behind this. Does anyone have any theories? I would ask her myself but she has felt the need to block me on every medium for whatever reason.

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