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Why is most of eNotAlone people so judge mental?


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I came on here for answers and advice instead I receive the opposite from some. And thank you, to those who have helped. It seems like its kind of hard to search for advice on here; which is what I came here for.


Yes, I do meet a lot of guys and talk to a lot of guys online; well I use to.


No, I am not talking to the same guy about my height. I met one of them before in person. Stop expecting for me to be in a long-term relationship...because that hasn't happened yet.


Yes, I am insecure. I haven't mentioned that a few times in my previous post. So, if it seems like I am then yes I am. That is why I joined eNotAlone hoping that I'll talk to others that aren't judge mental.


No, don't comment on my posts with negativity. I just wanted advice and I keep asking for the same thing so I can receive advice not anyone bashing me because I lied about something. Everybody has lied once even more during their lifetime, so what's the difference when it comes to me.

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