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  1. I don’t have friends and no I am also experiencing judgement on here but I am not surprised. I said thank you to the people for giving me real advice. And thank you for the advice too. If I had friends I wouldn’t be on here asking for advice.
  2. I am not using any of them. I made sure to tell them upfront that I am not ready to be in a relationship anytime soon. They chose to still talk to me. I already admitted I am wrong for saying I love you back and you call this cruel? Hm, I guess you don’t know the real meaning of cruel.
  3. Nor am I catching feelings after having your heart broken you start to become numb to that...well that’s what happened to me. Yes, I have been talking to guys on and off since May so stop judging me like none of you have never been on a dating website or if a guy has hit you up off of Facebook. Thank you to those who have given me and too bad for those who have judged me none of you are PERFECT nor have any of your relationships have been.
  4. For the last time I am 18! Not 17 anymore! I am not interested in any of these guys. I am talking to them just to talk them. I have already stated that I am not getting in a relationship. I don’t have friends nor do I want any because they bring trouble and drama just like some of these guys! Some of the guys I talk to have good personalities. I am not the type of girl to ignore someone. I have already mentioned it to them. And stop judging me. I am a sweet girl. I KNOW what it feels like to be turned down and hurt. I am talking to them just to talk to them and I have talked to guys in person
  5. I am freaking out right now! This guy i have been talking to for like 4-5 days said i love you!!! I am thinking maybe he just sent the message to the wrong person! I understand what i do to make these guys want to be in a relationship with me!! Which i am not ready for. We haven’t even been out on a date. I said i love you back just so i wouldn’t hurt his feelings (i know i am wrong for that). If he did send it to the wrong person then i wont ever talk to him again...ugh. I don’t know what i have gotten myself to. Please help!!! Im still trying to get it through my head that
  6. Yes, I want to goto college. And I always wanted a long term relationship. I want it to be serious, make sure that we are both on the same page, no games, trust, communication, etc.
  7. I AM NOT READY TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP ANYTIME SOON. I just need advice for in the future so I don’t lead anybody on nor make a mistake. Should I go on dates with multiple guys or should I just stick to one guy? ——————— I recently changed my relationship status on Facebook to single. Days later, guys have been messaging calling me pet names and wanting me to be in a relationship (which I am not ready for because I just got out of one). Well, it hasn’t been only but two days that I have been chatting with this guy and he’s telling me: I am going to show you/teach you how
  8. I won't ever date a guy in a gang after this. I learned a lot of lessons. Nor will I give out my passwords. Thank you for the advice.
  9. Thank you, a lot. And you're right. I'm not ready to be in a relationship anytime soon.
  10. I can't stand the thought of you. I thought you would be the one I would be able to spend the rest of my life with. I want to message you so bad and try to make you feel how I feel after I found out you were cheating on me during our relationship, right after we broke up. I hope you already do feel worser than me. I can't believe I was such a good girlfriend but yet you took me for granted. I put up with a lot of your stuff and it got me nowhere. Just a bunch of lies and deceit. I would never wish what you did to me onto somebody else.
  11. I want to start off from the beginning all TRUTH and NO LIES. My ex that I am writing about right now I'm going to call him "Tyrone", I met him online in June, a week after a broke up with my ex. I was over my ex within two days even though he cheated on me. I cheated on him, too. We both knew we were cheating so I ended it with him. Now, Tyrone and me instantly hit it off like it was cool at first and everything was going pretty good. I was still talking to other guys while talking to him just to have a "back up", just in case things didn't last or something like that. So, by
  12. I came on here for answers and advice instead I receive the opposite from some. And thank you, to those who have helped. It seems like its kind of hard to search for advice on here; which is what I came here for. Yes, I do meet a lot of guys and talk to a lot of guys online; well I use to. No, I am not talking to the same guy about my height. I met one of them before in person. Stop expecting for me to be in a long-term relationship...because that hasn't happened yet. Yes, I am insecure. I haven't mentioned that a few times in my previous post. So, if it seems like I am then yes I am
  13. I know it's not. And everybody has lied before so this isn't nothing new.
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