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Should I break up with my bf ?

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So me and my bf have been dating for about 4 and a half years. We're both 22. I'm his first gf and he's my 3rd bf. So from the very beginning my bf has been a pretty independent person. I, on the other hand, complete opposite. He has a huge circle of friends, like too many. I just have like 2 best friends. So we both recently finished our college this year. I asked him whether he still wanted to date me now that college is done and we don't know what future lies ahead so he was like yeah we're not gonna break up. His best friend from school who he's known longer than me is currently staying in a city which is 12 hours away from our home town. And he rented out a new place too. So my bf decides he wants to do a new course now at this city for 2 months. He told me that he's considering moving there for 2 months. Later He talked about it with his friend and then told me. I was totally devastated. I just started crying on the spot and he was like "Its just gonna be for 2 months I'm not moving to another country". But what upsets me the most is that he didn't even try to discuss with me, he discussed with his friend and then told me. And i overheard a conversation with his another friend too. He was like "Man you come too over here, we'll rock and have fun on weekends". I was so heartbroken. He doesn't even wanna be with me. Plus this city that he's going to is kinda like the las vegas of our country. So idk if he'll cheat on me. So far he's been loyal and hasn't given me a reason to doubt him but i'm so insecure about all the pretty girls that are gonna be there so i'm freaking out. My question is am i overreacting about this ? should i break up with him seeing he'd rather be having fun with his friends than being with me ?

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