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Hi I'm 20 years old and I been dating guys from the age of 15 and I never been this jealous in my life I been with the same guy for over 3 years now and I can't stop Having bad thoughts and always assuming something bad after the fact that my boyfriend talked too other girls when I was away on camp work and my boyfriend Dad passed away so I went back because he need me to support and love him but in the back of my mind I felt bad because he txt another person for Comfort or just too talk ,so now I feel like if I don't give my self too him he will replace me ... so now after 3 years I still fell half loved

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Wow. There's a lot in your question. But I remember when my girlfriend went crazy on me because I worked 14 straight days, 80 hours a week, and barely had time to sleep during that time, and all she could think about was that I was breaking up with her even though I told her I would be doing this massive job for two weeks.


But the big thing is your boyfriend just lost his Dad! This is not the time to do this to him! Let him have time to recover! Guys pull into themselves. They curl up into a ball to process things. Girls deal with these sorts of things by reaching out to their friends. Guys don't. And if he's talking to other girls, then your relationship was a real relationship.


So calm down. Wait until things sort themselves out. I can tell you, I didn't much feel like go to my girlfriend's apartment after she accused me of breaking up with her. You've got to think about what he's going through rather than what you're going through.

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So you are feeling insecure.


How is your relationship otherwise? How do you get along day to day? What do you mean "talked to other girls"? Like chatting with them like friends? Or emotionally cheating?


Only when it comes to my boyfriend I guess I am insecure

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