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Is my ex flirting with me?

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My ex and I have recently started talking again. I think she is flirting with me and giving me hints as she sends me xoxox when she says goodnight she sent me sexy bikini pics yesterday when she was shopping, she recently told me I was amazing and she almost always gives me a big hug every time we see each other. I want to ask her to get back together as I broke up with her but I know she's got a lot going on right now. But it's like she's feeling me out to see if our relationship is worth another shot. Does anyone have any opinions on this?

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ask ourself why you broke up with her in the first place.

if you think you were wrong or the things that you thought made you two incompatible have changed or can be sorted out go ahead and ask her if she wants a reunion.

after a think if you think you were right to end it and the reason(s) are still valid forget her and move on.

good luck

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