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I thought it would be different...

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I thought it would be different by now, I thought she would have come back.

Its been a couple days over 5 months since we broke up. Im shocked at the fact that it has been 5 whole months... I'm still in pain but its not the same pain anymore...

I still wish we could have worked things out and i still wonder if she will ever reach out to me.

I still feel lost, and at times when i am alone i feel down and out. On a positive note, Ive made some big changes in my life. Ive really started thinking about my future and where i want to be.. i don't think I would have started to seriously think about those things if we continued to stay together.

On one hand I am thankful that the breakup made me grow in certain ways.. on the other hand i am still deeply deeply saddened at the loss of her not being present in my life anymore. I am going out with my friends a lot more, living a young life and enjoying the night life on the weekends... it has been an absolute blast meeting some new friends and enjoying the night life, however the comfort of being in a relationship and having that warm feeling when you get home and see that person is still something i yearn for.. This new life i'm living doesn't really compare to being in love.


I wish I didn't care about being with her anymore, she left me and i want to move on.

We shared so many "first time" memories together, went to italy etc. Maybe all of these things i shared with her for the first time is why its taking me so long to get over this whole thing. I hope i get over her... i don't want to be in pain anymore. I hope I find someone that is better than her.


these are just my thoughts, thank you for reading and commenting.

we were together for 2.5 years (22M) (20F)

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Same here. It's been six months since my break up and I've gotten better. I think I just miss being in a relationship and not such much her. I cared for her and it's always nice having someone to come home to or look forward to seeing. It gets better just takes time. And there are people out. Dating has helped me.

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I am just about to hit the 3 month mark from when my ex-fiance left me....

She apparently has a new BF too.


I have been a constant whirlwind of emotions.... guilt, heartbreak, denial, suicidal thoughts, depression, etc.

I can't understand how she could move on so quickly, or is she just trying to fill the void?


I have been doubting my perception of reality. I don't know what else to do. I have already achieved a high level of success on my own, but it was all when I was with her.

The only left I need to do is to marry someone. We were going to get married at the end of the year.


Nothing is helping me.

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Keep focused in on moving forward. You are doing all the right things and you will find your path if you keep walking. Just don't stop trying and don't get sidelined by how you feel. Missing someone and still loving them is normal. Just don't let it stop you in your tracks if the person isn't actively in your life. You were meant to move forward. Not back.

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