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Made a connection, now temporary long distance. Does it have a chane?

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Hey guys, some of you may have seen my previous post about whether or not to send a new potentially romantic connection a Facebook Friend request or not. Thanks for the advice, in the end I was on the receiving end of the request, which further cemented the idea that this new guy might like me.


So, here's the current scenario. The guy in question has moved back to another country for three months, at the end of which he is returning to the same city as me. The thing is we're not in a relationship, we haven't even done more than kissing and currently we're averaging one message a day to each other. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Is there a way to keep the connection going and hopefully pick up from where we left off when he's back?


Or will it slowly fizzle out? Is the lack of physical presence too much to overcome, especially for someone you've just met?


I'm feeling super anxious as I personally feel instant connections like this don't come around often and it would suck to not even explore the possibility. Thanks in advance for your help!

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