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Hurt and alone


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I'm 28. Never married or any kids.

I would love to meet the right person but it seems as thought I never find the right guy. I wanted to get married before 30 and have kids but I doubt it.

My last relationship of 2 years he broke up with me a month ago because I asked him for help with a few bills( he's very selfish) he informed me. So my ex and I had a cleaning company when we broke up years ago which I still own. So I asked current boyfriend about asking ex for help with new contracts with floor work. As a woman I can't do the floors. Current boyfriend said ok. So I called ex about floor work. Current boyfriend asked weeks later and I said yes I asked him about it but he said his schedule was jammed. Current boyfriend got upset and said he didn't think I was going to really call. But I asked. He's upset because I crossed lines. How did I? He's. with selfish and never helps me. I have helped him with rent and car and groceries in our relationship. He never has. How can I be so wrong for asking before hand and being honest that I called about floor work contracts.

Ex calls every two days and tells me how horrible I am. And he refuses to accept apology or see me.

I feel broken. I was so honest. How could this happen to me and how could he be so selfish after all I've done for him.

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Be happy you didn't have kids with that douchebag. You know my ex wife was the same way, I never realized it until after she left. We both worked but I'm actually saving money with her gone..why? Cause she never contributed crap, only spent HER money where she wanted and I paid everything else. It was stressful and unfair. Good riddance.

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