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What is he trying to do?

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Okay so what does it mean when a guy likes an old insta post out of no where ?

This guy and I used to date but he broke it off but he has texted me after the break up. It's been like a week he's texted me but yesterday he just randomly like an old insta post.

I remember when we first started talking he would do that to get my attention and text him.

So I know we broke up but why would he keep doing that?

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It means that he is bored with his life and trying to start off some drama so that he can distract himself from whatever is wrong with his life. He broke up with you so no real feelings on his part. Trying to decipher his random whims is a major waste of time. He was bored, he looked at some old photos, he had a passing whim so he clicked something. Not a big deal at all.

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We need more info:


How long did you date, and why did he break up with you? What does he say to you when he contacts you?


On the whole, I agree with the others. Don't read too much into him liking your social media activity.


We started talking in June and he broke it off around 3 weeks ago. When he broke it off he told me he loved me but he needed a best friend at the moment instead of a gf. He said he had a lot going on and he needed to work on himself. So he would text me to see how I was doing. He told me he misses me in one of the texts. But he hasn't texted me in a week but yet he likes my old insta photos.

Honestly I love him and I do care about him. (I know I'm stupid) but I just don't know what he's trying to do.

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How old are you two? Anyone whom says I love you, BUT... I need a best friend at the moment but not a girlfriend is full of BS. How do you even take that from him? The only thing I got out of that is, he wants you in his backpocket while he's out there looking for another girlfriend. It's a redflag!


You need to value and respect yourself before others can do the same. Social media likes/posts doesn't mean anything. It's not good for your mental and emotional health to focus too much on it.

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Exactly, never settle to being in the back burner for when someone "needs" you, especially if you have feelings for that person.


What he said was excuses and you should translate it in your mind to "I don't want a relationship with you". I'd actually feel that if someone told me "I love you but..." they'd either not being direct or they'd be selfish. I never understood why people say "I love you" when ending relationships, because that only makes the the other person feel worse and keep their hopes up, which delays their healing and moving on progress.


And no, you don't owe him being a friend like he wants to and if he really cares about you and is really a friend, he'll understand that you need space and distance to move on, so he'll stop his shananigans. Dumping someone and trying to remain friends/in contact with them right after is selfish.


NC all the way (block him on social media if necessary) and if he wants you he needs to act like a mature man and talk to you directly and prove to you that he really wants the relationship. Liking instagram pictures or acting passive aggressive and keeping you holding on "just in case" or for the ego boost doesn't count.

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