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Why can't I just move on?

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I was seeing this guy a while ago and I'd never been so happy and he genuinely seemed to like me as well. Had no problem in showing affection in public and telling all of his friends about me. He started to become off with me as he said he still had unresolved feelings for his ex and we decided to stay friends.


Foolishly I think I wanted to stay friends because I hoped there may be a way we could get back to one another like before. He told his ex about his feelings for her and she didn't reciprocate, so he started seeing someone else which he told me about in February when we met up and told me that I'd be a perfect match for his friend (I think he felt nervous about telling me about the girl).


I was absolutely broken when he told me he was with someone else, so I messaged him and told him I couldn't be friends with him anymore as it was too difficult and he said he understood but if I changed my mind then i could just let him know.


We hadn't seen each other around for a while until recently when I bumped into him and it felt awkward but it's so hard because I still love him. I believe he's still with the other girl, but I just can't move on. At times I'm so tempted to message him but I still can't deal with the fact that he does have a girlfriend. I just feel stuck; I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

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Once you meet someone new that you like you WILL move on..be patient !


This is all too complicated and unnecessary drama...try not to contact him again.


He wants her...if he wanted you he would let you know and show it with his actions. He seems pretty sure that he doesn't want to be with you. Once his ex didn't reprocicate his feelings he went and found someone new while knowing you were there waiting for him. He knows you want him and if he wanted to he knows he can be with you.

Don't let him use you for sex...there's no reason for him to tell you that you should call him if you change your mind about being "friends". Seems like he wants to use you; not to be friends (he knows you can't be friends with him) and for sure not to be his girlfriend.


After all he was fair telling you that he still has feelings for his ex. Meaning not for you.


Respect yourself enough to wait for someone that actually wants you and for what you deserve. He will come..you just have to have faith and keep a look out for him.

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