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how i'm getting myself back together: tips n tricks

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hello everyone!


i know a lot of people have been going through a breakup and are feeling 100000 emotions at once, and are feeling so overwhelmed. i feel you!


though it's taking longer than i want, i'm slowly healing after my breakup (about 2 months ago).


for the 1st month i just sat and cried in my bed and didn't eat, which i think is why it's taking me a lot longer to heal from a 4 month relationship. anyway!


tip #1!

take care of yourself!

i don't know about you guys, but whenever i take a nice bath, exfoliate my face, deep condition my hair, or just relaxing and pampering myself, i feel a lot better. go to the spa, or do a spa at home! anyone can do it, and it makes you feel great!


tip #2!

delete everything, get rid of everything that they've given you, and delete pictures! you don't have to block them, but unfriend them from social media so you're not reminded of them. this is like a cleanse in a sense, and when you keep around things that your ex gave you or pictures, you may be clinging onto false hope don't do that! it sucks!


tip #3!

change up your look!

get new clothes, get a haircut, dye your hair, new glasses, colored contacts, makeup, anything! often we tend to feel bad about ourselves after a breakup. changing up your look and feeling confident will DEFINITELY help you heal a lot more faster! when you look good, you feel good


tip #4!

express how you're feeling, don't bottle it up

i've always used to be that type of person who kept everything in. it's not a good thing to do! it's ok to be sad infront of people sometimes. now, the way i express how i'm feeling is drawing, writing, and ranting with my therapist! many people like to exercise to relieve built up anger, or things like karate classes! it's up to whatever helps you the best!


finally, tip #5!


even if you are not over your ex, it is not wrong to be casual and date people. know your boundaries. go out and have fun! your ex is moving on, as hard as it is to hear, and so are you!


enjoy like to the fullest!


tips? suggestions? thanks for reading!

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