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  1. I don’t think i am naive. I am just stating what happened. This just happened so i am still going through a lot of emotions( mainly humiliation and disappointment). when i saw the message i just wanted to hide. What he did to me was wrong and i don’t think i could get past it. if i wanted to still entertain him, i would’ve seen the message the day it was sent and would’ve responded then. i am going to block him. i did not expect him to say anything because he is usually unapologetic about anything.
  2. i deleted it again. Unfortunately this is the only way i can communicate with my family that is overseas. i will just have to block his number. I did not think he would contact me tbh. i had deleted the app to prevent myself from contacting him.
  3. Update: So on Friday he sent me a message saying he sorry for everything that happened and he is forever haunted by what he did to me with the car. he told me to take care of myself and he hated that our relationship ended the way it did because he basically did not want it to end. I just saw this message today because i had deleted my whatsapp app, but i re downloaded it today. i honestly did not expect to receive anything from him. i have not responded, I am not sure what to say. i keep wondering why he did not come to check on me after the car incident happened. i feel so humiliated tbh.
  4. you’re right, i should’ve gone a long time ago, but every time he noticed me start to pull away, he would always have some explanation of why he’s acting the way he does. Just this past Monday he said that he is going through so much and he hates the fact that he has not been spending enough time with me. I tried to understand, but then i was like for someone who feels bad about not spending time with me, he would at least call or text to check on me and see how i am doing sometimes. i am done making excuses, i deleted my whatsapp on thursday and haven’t been on it since that day because that’s were we communicated. i am really trying here, it’s been 2 days of no contact, it has not been easy but i just really want to take the necessary steps to heal and move on
  5. exactly, he has shown up to my house numerous times without saying a word to me, i would just be sitting on my couch sometimes and here him unlocking the door . Some times he would be at my place when i’m not there and without asking for my persimmons. I would just be texting him and ask him what he was up to and he would tell me that he’s at my place, but it was never an issue for me because i didn’t have anything to hide. for me to be just outside, i did not go knock on his door or anything and for him to do what he did was un called for
  6. i actually did text to let him know that i’m coming by his house and if he could please come outside. He just did not text back
  7. i highly doubt that he was scared either to be honest. thank you so much @MissCanuck for being so supportive
  8. thank you, the more that i think about it the more i realize that he is hiding something. After all that happened that night we were on the phone while he was still in his car and the way he was talking did not seem like he was alarmed that he had a kid in the car. i have taken steps to remove myself from the situation.
  9. you are forgetting and ignoring the fact that he drove his car up to me, I was not in his drive way, i was on the side of the road and he drove to me and stopped so of course i assumed that he wanted me to get in so we can talk. Why would he drive up to me and literally park his car next to me knowing that he has he’s child in the car? I have stated numerous times that i literally just tried to open the door just once because i assumed that he unlocked it for me, i thought that he came to where i was to talk and the moment i touched that handle he drove off. I did not know there was a child in the car, i was not violent or aggressive, all this happened within seconds. i am done explaining the same thing,thank you to those who actually read my thread and understood that him basically doing what he did was abuse.
  10. i constantly apologized because maybe i was wrong and i just wasn’t seeing it. my intentions is never to hurt anyone and when someone is treating me a certain way, i try to see what part i might’ve played to get that type of treatment.
  11. yea, i told him that he could’ve killed mr yesterday and he didn’t seem to be apologetic nor did he come back to see if i was okay. i am physically and mentally in pain. I have deleted his phone number and also removed him from my social media. i am no longer going to contact him
  12. this all happened in a split second, i did not refuse to get away from his door. he came and stopped his car by where i was standing so i assumed he wanted me to get into the car. the moment i grabbed the door handle to open it, he drove off.
  13. apparently the mother of the kids is going through mental health issues, he did not tell me this until yesterday. this whole time he’s been stressed about work and the kids and not spending as much time with me as he should. he said he’s son was in the back sleeping. This doesn’t change the fact that he is the one that stopped his car next to me. i did not go chasing his car, he stopped, i tried to open the door and he drove off without saying a word
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