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My Story Part 2


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Dating has always been very awkward for me. Everyone thought I was homosexual in high school. I met my high school sweetheart then, and oh my! She showed me alot of things then lol.


For most of my life, out of all the people I have dated, there are only 2 females I felt in absolute ease with, first is my high school sweetheart, my first love. I waited ten years for her. And then my ex (who I left in 2014). Every other women I just felt weird, awkward or just strange around. I would initiate a first move, like a kiss, but it would just feel weird, like if I was eating a bland cake. I just feel like a puppet for some reason


I am 33, and would like to get married as soon as possible. So what should I do?

My fear is, either I will end up in a marriage in which I hate my wife, or I will be some miserable single old man

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firstly, what makes you think you will be a miserable single old man? you could be a happy single old man.

you should only marry the woman you feel right with. just wait and either the right one will come along or she wont. either way you wont be stuck in a marriage where you hate your wife.

be patient my friend. everything comes to him who waits.

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Sounds similar to me. I don't click well romantically with 99% of women. Parents thought I was gay throughout high school. I figured I would just be someone who was alone forever but I found my wife and we have been together a good while now. The advantage I found with it is that I know very quickly if a girl and I sync. So I never had to waste time in a pointless relationship. Best advice from a similar person is be ready to be single indefinitely and when you meet a girl you sync with put everything into it. Also, because of my weird chemistry thing my wife has nothing to ever worry about with me ever cheating or anything.

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