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First love


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Ok I just wrote a massive paragraph on my story and for some reason it didn't post so I'll have to cut this short but basically this is my first time in a fourm and I need some help or advice because I don't know what to do there's this girl Robyn(not her real name) who I went to school with we were best friends for years and then we became more she was and is my first love and even after all these years she's still the only one I think about I mean I've been with others and so has she but I've always broke it off after a few months because I've never felt the same way I do about her and to make matters worse we hadn't been talking until she sent me a message on Facebook now it wasn't a normal message like "hi how are you" or anything like that instead she sent me a picture of an event on Facebook which was on this day 4 years ago we were in a relationship which just star struck me really because we hadn't been speaking much just occasionally and I didn't know what to do or to say so I just put "good times" when really I wanted to tell her how I feel and that I still love her after all these years and she's the only one I think about but I don't wanna ruin the friendship we have if she doesn't feel the same anymore I don't wanna make it awkward by saying all these things. I'm just really lost as to what to do and some help or guidance on what to do would be appreciated especially from a women just so I can get it from a female perspective.



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Yeah we are friends on social media but I've got no clue if she has a bf anymore I know she did have but I don't know if that's still going on or not I assume not otherwise she would be sending me pictures of our past like she did but your right I suppose asking her if she fancys going for a coffee wouldn't hurt I'll give it a try

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