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I messed up, apologised and now my life is hell


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Okay, I have an (ex) friend, we weren't even friends before this so I'm not entirely sure why she trusted me.

Basically, she told me she was definitely bisexual. And at first I never said anything but then I told my best friend... I was in the middle of a panic attack and needed advice on what to say. So I spilled. I know I shouldn't of but I can't help what I say during a panic attack.


This happened a few months ago, and now she's dragged it up. She forgave her 'best friend' who also told but won't forgive me or my best friend


She created a group chat (she didn't include my best friend, only her friends and me) and started being a with all her friends. She called me (which is in Spanish but can also mean prostitute), greedy cow, , worthless, mean girl, I will be haunted by a golden shower (which means to be urinated on sexually).


I've saved all messages (SNAPCHAT).


But earlier today it got too much and I started crying, not to mention I already have a funeral today.


But they don't care. I'm sick of it and I don't know what to do.




(Note: We're 13/14)

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