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Death or help


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Chances of life to come better and become the best is 0% once you kill yourself..

You CAN (eventually) find better relationship if you try.. even it seems impossible now..

I recommend Nick Vujicic video (see in youtube)..

And.. you're worth more than you think.. much much more than you think..

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I remember wanting to kill myself after a break up. Now I'm a mom and the thought of me following through those years ago make me sick. She's out there man and she's better in bed, tighter, and oh so much funnier. Be patient you big baby, everything will be okay😆 that is the Salty promise!

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You don't want to kill yourself. You're just overwhelmed right now and unsure how to handle all these awful feelings and we've all been there. How would killing yourself make anything better? Are you really willing to put the people that care about you through something so awful just because a relationship ended? Relationships end for a reason. Everyone has been broken up with. It sucks but it's DEFINITELY not worth ending your life over. I get that you probably love her and wanted it to last forever, but sometimes things just don't work out. As much as it sucks, we ALL have to go through these things because that's how we find the person that is actually meant for us, and as much as I know it stings to the very core, she wasn't the right one for you and that's alright man. You can get through this. And why give someone else that much power over you? Instead of hurting yourself, get back at her by LIVING WELL and FINDING SOME ONE BETTER FOR YOU THAN HER. You are clearly a very emotional person and believe it or not but that's a plus when it comes to getting in to relationships and trying to find the right girl for you. But don't let your emotions destroy you. If you must do something related to this pain you're feeling, instead of ending your life, just go and get high or something. Go drown your sorrows a bit, or better yet smoke out on some strong medicinal weed or take some Xanax or something. You need to go hang out with your boys, have them take you out and get you a little ed up, forget about your negative emotions and spend the night venting with them and then try to have some fun as well. Get these feelings out and then move on. We've all been through the same kind of thing and even though it's awful when going through it, we've all come out the other side okay and you will too. Just take it one day at a time and try not to be so hard on yourself man.

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Because as hard as it is, I always think if I kill myself I'll never have the chance to see if it maybe gets better. It does for a lot of people, and some ppl try kill themselves unsuccessfully and end up with liver failure brain damage etc, so best to stay as you are and see what else life has to offer. Nothing is permanent except death.

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