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I want to talk to you


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Any way I can put myself out there to meet new girls? I work... I go to school. But when I work I work alone and when I go to class I sit alone.


I've been told I have a resting bitc* face by a girl at a bar... but she thought I was handsome and then walked away lol..


Any way to get past this? When I'm drunk I can talk like no other.. I'm very confident... it's just when I want to meet people and actually develop a real talking relationship... like if I see a woman I find attractive at a grocery store or something... I find it difficult to muster up the courage to say hello...



Any advice?

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I think a smile is the first step. If u smile at someone and they smile back....then they are approicable. I'd say try that.


I as a female also have resting face. It's not somehing we can help. Doesn't mean we are es though lol


Why didn't you spark up a convo with the bar girl that said that to you?


You could also try online dating.

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