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Does she like me?


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I'm attracted towards this one girl, and we are extremely close, and I'm wondering if she likes me too. Whenever we hangout she's very playful and very touchy. When we're on the phone she is always asking me to pick out her outfits, and always saying how she needs a relationship. She also always compliments me on how good I look since I've been working out. I'm wondering if she likes me, and if so what moves should I take to get things moving?

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What would happen if you asked her out on a date? And by a date, since you two are already close friends, it might need to be clarified - so here I'm suggesting that you actually say the words, 'I would like to take you out on a date. Would you be interested?'


Exciting stuff! I wish you luck.

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Oops, sorry, forgot to address your first question. To me, it sounds like she certainly feels comfortable around you and happy in your company. I can't rightly speculate as to whether or not she's interested in you romantically. It could go so easily either way - she's signaling to you that she's keen on you or she's really this close to you but may see you exclusively as a friend. I don't know that you'll be able to guess without taking the plunge to ask her.

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Should you ask her on a proper date and she does turn out to be solely interested in friendship, my suggestion would be that you follow up with something like, 'fair enough. I would have kicked myself if I had never asked, but I'm genuinely glad to be your friend' and move forward from there sincerely, lest she - or you, for that matter - begin to worry unnecessarily that things will change awkwardly.

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Yes she likes likes you and is wondering why you haven't made a move yet. You better stop dragging your feet and ask her out on a date before you get friendzoned.


What to do?

The next time you are talking on the phone come right out and ask her out on a date. Something like: "________, we get along so well why haven't we gone out on a real date?" Then she will say "Because you haven't asked me yet" and then ask her.


Just pull the trigger, she won't bite.



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