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Dental Sedation and being PETRIFIED

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Depends on how much they use and your tolerance and such but generally speaking, not very long at all. It's kind of a slow wake-up for most people, you're pretty groggy but you usually know what's going on and where you are and such. I think I was awake-ish within 15-30 min of my stomach surgery and sterilization procedures, but of course, they monitored for me longer than that afterwards. I was inpatient after stomach, but I went home after sterilization - I couldn't drive (obviously) but I was okay.


My dad got a LOT of versed during his colonoscopy and I was with him when he was waking up. He woke up within 15-30 min. I was there right when he got out.


Same thing with wisdom teeth - I think they let me sit in the chair for about 20 min after procedure, and then they helped me to a cot to lie down for a little bit longer while my mom came by to get me to take me home. I was SO groggy but I was with it and I remember all of that.


The only time I didn't remember anything was when I got home and I took Vicodin. THAT caused me issues. But sedation, after waking up? Nah.

Ok. I am going to PM you the surgeon's BIO.

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Got through it great!!! I went in the put in the IV they gave me some benzo to calm me down and then the surgeon came in. They added 3 more doses of benzo and did local freezing and the tooth popped out in 5 mins. He said it was entirely split in 2. I could hear everything happening but I didn't care.


Anyway now I know it is nothing to ever stress about . Much more humane dentistry.

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i knew it!! knew you'd do great!!


does it hurt, any swelling? take it easy for a couple of days and congrats for facing it and getting it done!


They swelling might come up in a day or so . It stopped bleeding though . They added a painkiller to the IV as well so I am ok right now. I'm going to sleep for a little bit .

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