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does my ex still love me? is there a chance we will get back together?


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she felt like she needed to be alone, she didn't want to settle down. we kept on having sex sporadically until October. after that we decided to go no contact. on new years she texts me thanking me for the relationship. I decided to not reply and calls a week later angry because I did not reply to her. I call her back angry because I was mad she left me. a month after I call her and I'm crying, and begging for her love back. we argue and she tells me she's seeing someone new and I need to move on. she gets drunk that night and calls me. she tells me to come over. I come by and we speak then we start making out passionately. two days later she calls me and we have a two-hour convo. we talk as if we were best friends, laughing, making jokes. she wished I was there so we could cuddle like we used to. a week after on my birthday she calls me. she wants to see me. I come by and hug her and we talk. I'm telling her of all the changes I've made while we have been apart. she starts to create hypothetical situations where she would be in my life again. for example. "if we get back together how would you fit me into your schedule now that you're so busy. we hold hands i walk her home. i leave her at her door and we almost kiss. i meet up with her two days later and she keeps on raving about wishing she met me now because i have changed for the better by a lot. we hang out for hours. we keep creating hypothetical situations where we would be back together. we kissed and agreed to go no contact. does it seem like we will be getting back together?

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