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Just deleted all his texts... Big Step.

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I decided after re reading all his short and blaming texts justs to delete them all in one hit. Boom. Gone.

I'm day 14 NC and beginning to see he was never into me, had no intention of reconciling or fighting for our relationship. He just blamed me and shut the door.

We are not friends on facebook, although there's messenger but i will never lower myself and try again.

So, it's a big step in moving forward and realising it's truly over.

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Great for you! Consider making it a private goal to surprise everyone, including yourself, with your resilience and ability to bounce back. This puts you in the best frame of mind for rekindling neglected relationships with friends and family, and it's a source of pride and accomplishment to teach people to NOT worry about you. The more generous you can be with your time and energy in building stronger bonds with loved ones that focuses on THEM rather than your pain, the stronger your foundation for feeling loved and valued--and able to meet new goals.


Head high.

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