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Teen romance drama


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I'm a teenage girl in 8th grade, and I'm going through some confusing stuff with my crush. This isn't his real name for privacy reasons but I will call him Ryan. So I've liked Ryan since the first moment I saw him sitting across from me in Writing Workshop on the first day of 7th grade. I never expected him to like me back, and I was fine just watching him from a distance, but that got kinda hard to do when he started asking to be my partner in all the classes we had together. Of course I loved working with him, but he didn't tell me he liked me until the middle of 7th grade. The drama I'm still dealing with began around then- I was really happy he liked me, but I found out a couple weeks later that he also likes my friend. I'm not mad at him or her, just confused about what to do next. I'm very shy, and it would be easy to back off and let my friend have Ryan- but she doesn't like him. Here's the gist: My crush likes my friend a bit more than he likes me but I like him back and she doesn't. I don't know what to do: go for it and hope I don't get rejected, or stay quiet and see what happens? And because that wasn't enough, here's another plot twist- my friend is moving. To BOSTON! This is her last year at our school before moving, and I don't even know how that ties into the romance drama. I guess after she moves Ryan will like me more, but my friend is way more important than a boy and I'm still really sad about her leaving even though I don't know her too well. Please help me deal with this drama fest that is my life!

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Grade 8 drama is pretty tough stuff. It's a new phase of growing up for you and every other kid in your age group. You will have many crushes and boys will come and go from your life as you grow and mature. This is how life works.


It's sad when a friend is moving away, but you meet new friends as will she. You can try to keep in touch via email etc. but know that both of you are growing up and friends really do come and go all the time.


As for Ryan, be a friend to him, see what happens. But the odds of a big romance at your ages are pretty slim.

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