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Choke hold...help!


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LOL Pippy. Probably got the idea from trashy books


And we know what book that is. I like to call it "Shades of an Abusive Relationship tarted up to sound edgy and cool when it isn't." The fact that the lead female character is as dumb as a box of rocks doesn't help.


I'm not into this. Just don't be surprised if you come home and he's in the closet hanged with a tie with his penis in his hand. Lol good luck.


This made me laugh way harder than it should have. But yeah, it is a thing and yes you can die from it. And that just seems like a damn waste of a good thrill to me.

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Not my bag at all but if you're happy to get your rocks off being inches from death then whatever floats yer boat! Guess it's all down to communication and trust - but it's not something I would ever consider....


Are we talking inches from death here? Cos if he was that uhmmm vigorous? Then discussions certainly need to be had beforehand. I took the OP to mean a light grasp, a playful squeeze maybe?

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