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Advice please! Girlfriend jealous of girlfriends friends.


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Hello everybody,

I am new to this site but I figured since I was using google to find the answers or advice I was looking for, I'd come here instead. First of all, were both ladies. I have been with my girlfriend for almost three years and things have been so great, I have fallen for her harder than ever before. This is our first gay relationship so we are sort of new at this. I'm not quite sure where or how to address the problem at which i want advice for, I think it's just jealousy or being an over emotional person. We used to text constantly, she would always tell me she missed me and all that jazz, which of course I would reciprocate. She is from out of state so we met on Facebook, however she is by me for school. We always made it work, and I know she said that she would be busy but I feel as if she is too interested with hanging out with her room mates than me. She would post videos of them on snapchat but not text me back, she would take forever to text back but look at my snaps. I know she's having fun but I just miss her. We fall asleep on the phone every night still. We used to see eachother about 3 times a week before the summer and now I feel like we see eachother one maybe two days a weekend because she wants to spend time and get to know them. I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel that maybe I don't like change. I was so used to seeing her all the time or texting her constantly and it just drastically decreased. She says she will never forget about me, but I'm just a paranoid person and I'm just afraid to lose her. I love her so much, guys. I want advice on how to stop jealousy and over emotional behaviors- I am open to anything. Thank you guys.

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Each person has their own desires of how often they want to communicate with and be with their partner. A couple needs to be on the same page, or as you can see, you'll be frustrated more than happy within the relationship.


Do you have at least one hobby, or sport, or interests of your own that you do without her? Do you have friends that you hang out with regularly? Your gf should be a priority, of course, but she should never be the center of your universe. That would be too smothering for her and not good for yourself, because sometimes a breakup may happen, and if the person has been the only source of happiness in your life, you will not be able to handle the breakup as well without a support system and a fulfilling life besides her.


Having said that, if you feel like you're not a priority, maybe you're not. It's either that you expect too much, or that she is a more independent person who doesn't like to be joined at the hip with you, or that she is letting the relationship dwindle away gradually. I don't know. Maybe you're not compatible and you can't admit it to yourself. Perhaps others who see you two together, as well as how much time you are devoting to attempting to communicate with her, could give you some insight to let you know if you're the problem or she's the problem or if you two are just wrong for each other. Good luck.

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