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I used 3 emergency pills in one week


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This is my first time to have sex with my boyfriend of 3 years. We never did before so I didn't have to use any birth control and what happened wasn't really planned for this time as well. I'm not really experienced with all these kinds of pills I just knew I had to prevent pregnancy from happening so I kind of lost my mind. My hormones are a mess now I can feel it, but I don't know to which level and how this can be fixed. It's hard for me to go to a clinic here for some reasons, and the pharmacist I asked said it's not recommended but it's okay to take the second emergency pill, but I didn't ask her about the third time though.


What do you mean you never did it before so you didn't have to use birth control? Condoms are birth control. No one freaking plans to get pregnant even when they want to get pregnant. And when you DON'T want a kid is when you get pregnant. You had sex with him three times in a week. You could've gotten condoms at the very least.


Go to the doctor!!!!!!!!! No one on here can help you. You have to go to a clinic or see some medical personnel. The Internet will not help you. While there, ask to be put on birth control.

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After the first time it happened and I took the pill we bought condoms but it didn't work for us I don't even know why but we couldn't have sex. We tried many times, I'm not sure if the type of condom makes a difference? Then again we did without it and I took two more. I'm in Europe and new so procedures are so slow. He isn't from my home country but he didn't refuse using condoms like I said we bought one. We haven't been with anyone else so why would there be any sexually trasmitted diseases? I was just looking for any similar experiences until I get the chance to have checkups


You don't know for a fact he hasn't been with someone else. How long have you known him? Go to a clinic. Get tested. Tell them your symptoms. Get on birth control.

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