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  1. I'm so pissed off at you! Why the hell did you remove me from your LinkedIn just today? Every couple of days you are removing me from somewhere and I don't know what the heck that supposed to mean! Just remove me from everywhere all together!!! I'm so resentful and right now I hate you so much and waiting eagerly for the day I'm OVER YOU AND NEVER WANT YOU BACK IN MY LIFE!!!!!!
  2. In our country, proposing doesn’t mean you are officially engaged. We should make celebration and stuff like that. We considered ourselves engaged though. He didn’t even bother to send or say anything after the last call. Our relationship was not going well lately and he was complaining a lot about the distance, but after the vacation all was ok except when I caught him. Now he’s back to his old self.
  3. I agree with you and I don't really blame anyone except him, but I don't really want him to be in a situation or an atmosphere where it may encourage him to do something while I'm far away and can't figure out if he cheated or not.
  4. Telling him to not go on a vacation with this guy is not really because I want to control him. I usually never comment on such things, but I do believe that both parties have the right to give their opinions when they think something feels not right. Plus, he broke the trust once, I thought that he will make some effort to help fix it.
  5. He came to where I was living before with a work contract. We met there and then he moved back to his country. I then moved to Europe. Since there we meet 2 times a year. We want either of us to move, but it will take a year or so to make it happen. I probably shouldn't haven forgiven him, but I just saw that it was just one picture and nothing else was exchanged. I took it as a stupid mistake while clearly it isn't. He said that he doesn't even know why he did it and is so regretful. But now it seems like he totally forgot what he did and belittles it.
  6. @abitbroken He proposed to me and gave me a ring, but we did not make any official engagement. I asked him many times before I break it off and he kept carelessly saying that he will go. I told him to choose between me or his vacation with this guy. He didn't say a word. I called and asked him if he thought of it, he said I was just now planning the trip with my friend so he totally ignored me. I said you ignored what I said? He is I'm sorry I won't spend the 9 days off at home which means he made his choice. So I told him alright then enjoy your vacation and all the best, goodbye and hung up. I don't see any crappy way here. In fact he did not show any tiny bit of care or seriousness. Like he seems to totally not take my words seriously.
  7. Hey everyone! Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years now. He proposed to me last year and we plan to get married in a year or so. We just went for a vacation last month. It was long and we enjoyed much. We even thought of meeting again in December. Now he tells me that he will go on another vacation end of August for 9 days with his friend. This friend is engaged and been together with his finacee for 3 or 4 years and through out all these years and until now he has been cheating on her. Sleeping with girls and going out with them. He told my boyfriend that he will stop cheating on her when he marries her. (I highly doubt). My boyfriend told me many disgusting stories of him and once he tried to encourage my bf to cheat on me. Now he says I wanna go on a vacation with him and I'm 100% that this guy will continue doing what he does there. I told my boyfriend I wouldn't accept him going and to choose between me and his cheating friend. He said I'm sorry I won't spend the 9 days home and that his family is also traveling and his other friends will be busy working during the holiday (they have an offcial holiday in their country). I told him ok I know my value now and all the best and hung up the phone. I already caught my bf on the vacation, he sent his private part's picture to a girl who showed up on his snapchat's explorer and she clearly is a b****. Now he tells me this. Would you guys accept it? Am I wrong or unfair? What would my bf do while that evil guy is all fooling around him. Plus, would I spent the 9 days here worrying if he cheats on me or not? Even if he does I wouldn't even know. I'm not controlling, but I told him long time ago you can travel with anyone except this cheater. He wouldn't allow me if it was me doing this. After I caught him, I decided to forgive him and took it as foolishness even though it is considered cheating, but I expected him to prove to me that he is really loyal and it was just a picture. By going with this guy, he is not helping me trust him again. P.S. We are in a long distance relationship. Please advise me. Thanks!
  8. Yes, we have a LDR for 4 years now. I don’t really understand what his problem is. He is argumentative and verbally abusive sometimes. Usually whenever we argue about something. He is judgmental too. I don’t get why he always wants to make me look like the bad person in the end of every discussion or argument. I mean I’m just not interested in the news and to me it’s just a matter of preference, what does this have to do with having a heart? Or not caring about the dying people or children around the world. Who on earth would not care or get touched by those news. I just don’t have to check every day or read what happens on a regular basis. I live in Europe, he doesn’t. We thought of him moving to my place to escape from the military service and to be together at the same time, but it’s a very demanding process so we thought if I could move to his home country where he lives. It was a a very bad fight and now we don’t even talk. We planned for a vacation in June, but I don’t even know how things will be fixed now.
  9. Hey everyone! I was discussing with my boyfriend when he suddenly asked me in a sarcastic way if I know what’s going on in the world because he knows that normally I’m not interested in hearing the news (specifically politics) or in other words I don’t check them out. Of course sometimes I hear people talk or someone tells me about something or the news just randomly pop on my phone screen. So when he asked me that I said I don’t care about the news and I told you this many times, but recently I’ve heard this and that. Then he started saying that I’m selfish and just think of myself!!! Then he talked about the chemical attack that is happening in Syria. And he said that I don’t have a heart. I cannot understand how me being not interested in the news means that I don’t care about people’s lives or that I only think of myself? I fid not say that I don’t care about people dying snd stuff. I just meant the news in general and specially politics! I told him what have you done other than hearing those poor people’s news? What makes you more human than me? Did you change their life or situation? Why he talks like he did something big or presented a big help to them by just hearing or reading their news! At the same time, those people are coming and staying as refugees in his country, but he was saying that they are making my country sh*t blah blah. If you assume that you feel them then why are saying that you don’t want them in your country. Please I would love to hear your comments because I’m really pissed off! Thanks in advance...
  10. Thanks for your answers. Well, my ex was my best friend ever. I found my true self with him and I never felt something so deep in my life. If I can do anything to bring that great friendship back, I would. But of course, I would NEVER accept less than my worth anymore. And, for that to work (whether friendship or reconciliation), and for ME to approve of it, HE should show that he is wanting the same, and is willing to put the effort in, whether I do initiate contact or him. That really doesn't make much difference to me. Taking the first step, is not humiliating itself, rather it takes courage to do so. It's actually about how you do it and proceed with it. I never let pride or selfishness stand in my way. A LOT do. Dignity is far away from pride. Dignity can be maintained under all circumstances because that depends on how you choose to act and react, and that said, you should use the time apart to do some learning and real changes to your life and personality. Of course, for yourself to begin with, and then the rest comes. I wouldn't lie that I would like another go with my ex, but I truly lost that glimmer of hope and those delusional expectations which made me screw up several times before. Plus, I would try my best not to lie to myself as well because this could do me nothing but heartache. Somehow, I feel at peace from within. But I'm open to any attempts when it feels the time because what hurts me the most, is having to lose such a person who was so close to my heart. Some people are just irreplaceable! And whatever baggage we're carrying it CAN be burned IF we both wanted. I know he let me down at times, just like I know I had my own mistakes, but I could not forget the love he gave to me as well, and I very well understand we're both not perfect. This time, I'm looking after myself and planning to go out, date, and try enjoying life out of my ex's zone. I have a very few friends who even don't go out! It's hard to make new friends since I have just graduated, but I would still try. Having these thoughts of someday contacting my ex would NOT put me on hold. Not anymore. And who knows, maybe I would not really wish for more than just friendship if that time comes around! Also, like many posters said, it is better to have tried everything you could til it feels impossible for you, rather than go crazy thinking to yourself there is still an option left to do! You never lose by trying, because anything can happen, and if it didn't, either ways you have learned something, whereas you could lose by holding back... I HOPE I'm not off-topic! lol
  11. This is a great thread, thanks for posting it. I'd like to ask, if the breakup ended on bad terms - after going through months of messy contact and fights over the breakup, and the dumpee was really hurt that they kind of closed the door on being friends or communicating one day (the dumper has mentioned before that they would like to remain in contact), how would the dumpee approach the dumper since they have rejected (in the heat of the moment) being friends with them again? I truly believe that a period of NC would be necessary, but IF there was a desire from the dumpee to contact the dumper and to truly try to fix the broken friendship that once was very successful (whether it resulted in a possible reconciliation or not), how would you describe the best approach? I hope I made it clear...
  12. Sigh... I don't know what to tell you. Just have a heart, please. Let it guide you.
  13. All I can hear is the silence between us. I don't understand the way I feel about you now H. I just feel emotionally numb at the moment.
  14. I'm struggling with letting go of you. I just want you. It's killing me. I'm weary. I wish I knew how you feel about me now, but I never will.
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