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Hard time coping


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Hi guys,


NC Day 4


I'm writing on here because I'm having a really hard time coping. Even though we weren't even in a relationship, the amount of feelings and hope I developed in the last 7 months certainly felt like it. We spend 3-4 days a week together and talking pretty much every night. The amount of time with his person is definitely not less significant than someone I would be in a relationship with.


Few days ago we met up after work and walked around the beach. We got a little close and he revealed that he had feelings for me "more than friends" on a number of occasion we've hung out. He stated other nice things that he was attracted to me and enjoyed my company. We ended up making out. I was so high and excited because it was something I was dying to hear from this cute boy for 7 months. After the heated session, he told me at the end that he does not think we're able to make it long term because of our age gap. I was crushed and devastated.


I'm not going to lie. Despite the age gap, there was always a part of me that wanted to be with him. I just couldn't help it. It's not rational but it was how I felt. I've been feeling either really depressed or angry about what happened. Some days I get so angry at what he did and other times I wish he realized his feelings for me were great enough to want to give me a chance, even though he thinks it "won't work out in the long term".


After so many failed relationship you can't help but to have almost no self esteem left. Why am i not valuable for someone to want to be with me? I am a few years away from 30 and I just feel so hopeless that there is no one out there for me. My heart goes out to all of those who have been rejected, dumped and in deep pain.

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Hello, I don't know your full situation but I do feel your pain as far as having a hard time coping goes. It's day 3 NC for me. And just like you mentioned, we weren't an official couple but being together couldn't have made us any closer. He is not the type of guy that i usually go for and that is really causing problems as it is hard for him to get his life in order and it's putting a strain on him and I. But I hope you get through this tough time I know all too well how hard it is. It seems like every minute that goes by I am thinking of him. But this will only make us stronger. I wish you the best of luck in getting your life back and moving forward with someone who deserves your love!!!! Pick your head up, you will be just fine!!

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