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alright umm there is this girl in my school and i have liked her since last year. every time i try to talk to her at least one of her friends comes from nowhere and ruins the moment. well i guess that i am too shy to ask her out on a date. well i prolly got most of my shyness from my parents because if i told them that i liked somebody they would tease me. well anyways i REALLY like her but i cant build up the courage to go and ask her out. a little help please????

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I have the same exact problem you have. I can't ever get the courage to ask this girl out and I even have her phone # and im 110% sure she'll say yes. But I just can't ask her out. My parents also tease me about dating girls, its annoying as hell. The first time i asked a girl out a just saw her in the hall and casualy moved next to her and just said "hey *insert name here*, what class u heading too?...talked a little bit and then i asked her "You doing anything this weekend" she said "no" and i said "would you like to go to dinner and see a movie or something saturday night" she responded "yea" me "whats your number so i can call you and come pick you up", her "###-####, this is my class now talk to ya later", and thats how i got my first ever date and she was also my first g/f and my only g/f as of now, im only 17 but we broke up because i moved. O well good luck hope my info helped. Before i said hey to her i felt really nervous and i just had to spit out and i barely got it out.


Good luck, you can do it.


Cya'll later.

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