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Is it the end?


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I need some advice because I might be going crazy.

So my boyfriend and I had a great relationship these last couple of months and I felt like he really changed a lot for me. We were doing great until recently. Last month he had to leave town for a family emergency all of a sudden. I was there for him during that time and did everything in my ability to make him feel better. After he was done dealing with the emergency, he decided to stay another three weeks. That's when I felt like things were changing. I barely got to speak to him. I was really sad and confused with this and became clingy. We started getting into a lot of arguments when he was there and when he came back. When he came back, everything felt different. He was sad about leaving his family and also quit his job to pursue something else.

Our last argument, he asked for a break and space to think about the relationship because we were always arguing. I agreed to this break. After that he texted me a couple hours later asking what I was doing and we had a short convo. The next day we barely spoke and then yesterday I texted him asking what is going on. He kept saying he doesn't know or what he wants-which led to more fighting and it got to a point where he said he wants it to be over, he guess. I asked him if he wanted to see other people and just be honest with me and he said no.

I got frustrated at he end and Asked if it's officially over and he never responded.

yesterday (three days since our last convo), I texted him saying sorry for not being as supportive as i should be and that i would undestand if he wants to walk away. he said dont be sorry and that he still doesn't know if he wants to walk away. We had a short conversation about what we were doing and I told him i just want us to be okay and he said to give him some time and i said i am. He responded with okay and sad face. we didnt talk at all today.

I know right now I should be giving him space but it's hard. My mind keeps wondering if he found someone w or he just really needs his space because he's overwhelmed with everything going on with his life. I always had this idea that taking a break or needing space is just breaking up with training wheels. I'm scared that I'm just hold onto false hope and he's just leading me on. I mean if it's hard to know what steps to take if someone is unsure whether they want to be with you or not right? Does all break and space mean break up?

Any advice will help.

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I don't think all space or taking a break means breaking up. It is a red flag though that he has to put you on hold to decide if he wants to keep you. That would rattle anybody's nerves.


I think you deserve a guy that won't keep you guessing if you are good for them. Someone who will take the highs and lows. You can do better. Remember this space is also for you to decide if you want to stay with him.



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I also felt like it was my fault for pushing him away when he was already trying Part of me feels like i pushed him to ask for space because of all the fighting and complaining i do. should i give him his space for a couple more days and then talk to him about where we stand?

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I think something happened while he went home for the emergency. He stayed an extra 3 weeks, then came home & quit his job, you don't do this sort of thing spur of the moment.

Maybe he met someone or reconnected with someone?


I would not contact him again in a few days, I would let him contact you.


I'm sorry, but if things are so rocky that he wants a break I don't think you are getting back together.

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