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Does it seem like we have a chance


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My bf broke up with me 2 weeks ago. And i was devastated. N i guess he took it hard too because hes been drinking since. Well weve been texting every few days and at first he told me to give up but a couple of days ago i told him i really did love him n he said "i know i love you too". N i asked him "but in all honesty u want me to give up cuz theres no chance of me winning u back, right?" an he said "theres a chance." Thats good, right? But i asked him how my chances are so far and he said he didnt know, that its like asking when we're gonna get back together. Is this good for me so far? Him saying "when" instead of "if"? Please help.

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Nothing good about this.


a) he has a poor way of dealing with trouble, in this case alcoholism. Do you really want that kind of a person?

b) he is NOT currently with you. If he loved you, he would be. So you should ignore "I love you" words from him.

c) he is probably playing a little game with you. He knows you still love him and is probably trying to get you to a point where he has all the benefits of a relationship (sex, companionship, etc) WITHOUT any commitment. He is already half way there.

d) you are making a huge mistake engaging/communicating with your Ex. It's over and it's time to move on. This means, block/ignore him and never look back.


Remember, ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. His actions were to leave you, which means, he no longer loves you.


LOVE is also defined by actions. Are his current actions of a person that loves you?


I don't think so.


To answer your question, even if there is a chance. Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone that leaves their "loved" one or drinks their life away upon trouble?


The answer should be no. If it it yes than I would suggest taking a deeper look in the mirror and re evaluating YOURSELF. Cause that's troubling....

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I was too controlling. I was just looking out for him but i guess i went overboard. I told him i realized it an was working on it. I have gotten better at it


So you'll back off and not try to 'control' his drinking. Which is good news, I guess, because you can't control someone else's drinking. But the thing that's lost here is why you want to patch things up with a heavy drinker.


He might be able to get you to back off, but where does that leave you?

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