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my gf and i just broke up. im in belgium all by myself with no friends no one to tak to. all i wanna do is die. im thinking about killing myself. i know its a cry for help but she's the only one who can hear me. i wish she zould just know how much i love her

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Things don't always work out the way we want them to, or hoped that they would. Life is full of many surprises, and not all are good. You just have to realize that its not the end of the world. Yes, you miss her, but you have to understand that things happen for a reason. There is someone else out there for you, even if it doesn't seem that way now.


I know how you feel. Its so hard to get over someone you care about. Its hard to accept the fact that its over. Most of us have been there and through personal experience, the heart ache is worth it. I have a great boyfriend now and after my first boyfriend, I never thought anyone could be better.


Just hang in there. You'll get no where killing yourself. Don't you think your life is still worth living? Don't you want to find out what the future will be like? Please just try to hang in there. We are all here if you need to talk, feel free to add me to msn messenger or pm me.

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i'm so sorry, i know how hard that is. i've been there. but you can get through. she may come back to you, but if she doesn't YOU CAN move on. just please believe that you can, don't kill yourself. that is NOT the answer.


you're so young and have so much to live for. i know it's hard to see now, but just remember, suicide is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY problem. this isn't going to be the rest of your life. please don't get lost in your sadness. pull yourself up and realize you CAN live. you can take advantage of this life. things are going to happen for you all one day, just believe that they can. the things in your life you're unhappy with, try and make a difference. see what you can do. you're not completley helpless i promise. you can get through this. if you ever want to talk to me or anyone else on this board, please do. we'd love to help you through this difficult time.


try talking to someone..your friend or someone you trust..or one of us. anything you have to do. or if you ever feel really down, watch a good movie or listen to some good music. get a hobby. learn to play an instrument. join a club or organization. study. write. take a walk or exercise. you're gonna have so many things happen for you if you just stay strong and believe that your life isn't always going to be like this. you can do it. you can get through this. i've been there and you're not alone.


i know life gets hard, believe me i do. life is a struggle sometimes, but you'd never enjoy the good if you never felt the bad. you just gotta believe that there is still some good out there! stick around please and enjoy the good parts of life, because they exist i promise you. you're strong, wonderful people and i hope you can see that. and again, if you ever ever need to talk to anyone, please msg me or anyone else on here. take care and visit these sites, please..like others have said on here, THEY CAN HELP AND THEY HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!!


these really do help, trust me..i've been there. please trust us. we all care about you so much and want to see you live!!


i know this sounds repetitive and i know you've heard it all before, but please just BELIEVE ME. i've been there, i've had the same hard experience you're going through now.

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Breaking up with a girl may feel devastating and like your world is coming apart, but it is not the end of the world and definitely not a reason to kill yourself. You are not alone. Everyone goes through breakups. Everyone feels alone at times. These pains are part of life. They hurt, but in the end we become stronger because of them. You will find someone who loves you and who you are meant to be with. It's just a matter of time.


Is there anyone you can talk to? How about your parents, other family members, friends, a school counselor, or even a trusted teacher? Talking about how you feel is always the best solution. You need to work through your emotions, and doing with someone you can trust who cares about you is helpful. Plus it will show you that there is someone who cares about you, that you are not as alone as your feeling. If you still need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me. I've felt my share of pain and heartache, I know how bad you must be feeling. But it's not as bad as you think. Things will get better and you will see a rainbow after all the rain.

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