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I asked him.. will he respond?

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Anyways to start I'm 17( I look about 15), a senoir and have never had a boyfriend. Im kinda quiet and shy around people esp. guys although my job has helped me overcome some of this. I have gone into a semi-local record store a few times over the past few months and have had conversations with one of the workers. He has friendly, helpful, and was teasing me in a good way. Like he told me he was my personal shopper and to come right to him next time I came in. So me being me when I talk to him I am smiling none stop probably cause he is smiling too, I am kinda nervous but to my surprise carry on conversation pretty well. By the way my face felt like a flaming cherry hope it didnt look like one. He was really cute and was almost as short as me.. I'm 5'3" I thought he was maybe 17 or 18. So the last time I went in (last Weds) I psyched myself up to ask if he want to go see a movie with me some time. He said yes and then asked me for my phone number and email. The funny thing is at this time I realized he didnt know my name but I knew his. So we shook hands and exchanged names. I was so stupid at that moment that when I wrote down my number and email I didnt put the area code and I didnt put my name. The piece of paper was really small too. By the way I didnt ask for his is that bad? So after that I felt more relieved and we walked to another section of cds and kept talking. This is when I find out he is 20 and a Junior at the state university. Took me a little by surprise. He also lives in a city/town between the university and the record store. After that our convo continued well, and we talked about our own Christmas plans, what music we liked, etc. So since he had to get back to work cause their were customers in the store lol I finally left and I told him to call or email me whenever. He said I will. So he hasnt called or emailed me yet. I'm not trying to sound over eager cause I know he said he was working Thurs and maybe Sun and he was having a gift exchange party with frinds Chistmas Eve and spending Christmas over at his Grandma's. I was just wondering if he will contact me or not is it to soon to tell? If he doesnt I'll wonder if somehow he wasn't interested or if he lost the little piece of paper he put in his pocket. I know I probably sound to desperate or paranoyed but I just felt those happy butterflies around him you know? I would appreciate your comments/ opinions on the situation. P.S sorry if the smiles were annoying..

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Firstly, your smiles are not annoying!!! Good to see folk smile!


I can relate to your situation, I am in the same boat with a girl I really like in a shop that I maintain through my company.


This guy said yes to meeting up with you, and good signs like "I'm your personal shopper" are teasing which is good. He obviously likes you otherwise he would ahve made the "busy" excuse and all that.


The phone number thing: I would have exchanged numbers, but since you didn't, the ball is in his court to call you (ok I know this is why you're on here!).


The area code is missing from your piece of paper? The whole piece of paper might be missing by now! Small notes can be mis-laid or lost very easily. I'd go back in and ask how his Christmas went, then bring up that you think you forgot to put the area code down on the paper.


He might just have been busy with the family, we all have to do things we can't get out of at this time of year!

If you go back in, and he genuinely wants to go out with you, he will talk to you no problem, and hey.....he might even admit to loosing your number. Get his number and give it a day or two to call.

Keep smiling


Hope this helps?


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I think if he has your details, leave it in his hands now. Even if your phone number doesn't work, he can email you? You have put yourself out there, he knows you like him and wanna be friends, so it's up to him now.


But u could go back in if he hasn;t responded in a few weeks (but don't make it seem like you've jusrt gone to see him), smile and be friendly and see if he initiates anything. If not, then I say leave it.. you've done ur bit!


Good luck!

QM 8)

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Thank you for your advice. He still hasnt contacted me so I guess that means two things. He may have decided to not email me but I would think,what the heck? since he sure seemed receptive to me and showed an interest. Im hoping now its because he lost the paper.. I think I'll wait another week and then casually go in. Well see what happens... I have hope.. I have a somewhat silly question.. You know how sometimes you get caught in the moment of introduction and the person tells you there name and you forget it.. I only told him mine once and never put it on the paper.. Would you be to embarrassed to contact the person if you forget their name? Am I ready to much into things? lol oh well

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Ugh. You're in an infuriating situation- why didn't he call!? You're powerless, and it makes it harder that you like him too.


I have given my number to tons of guys that I've met. I've put myself out there hundreds of times and then made excuses when they didn't call. It sucks.


I'm going to tell you some advice you probably don't want to hear: if he wants to contact you, he will. If not, maybe he just isn't into you the way you're into him. DO NOT CALL HIM. I promise- I know it's the hardest things to do, especially when you really like someone. But, believe me, no matter what the circumstances, if he's interested, he will contact you.


In the mean time, continue to go out there and try to meet people, something will work out for you, I promise.


I wish someone had told me this when I first started dating, it would have made me feel a lot more in control of these situations.

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I couldn't agree more with lkbillings - I have just been in the same situation.. and my new years resolution is to never go after boys who don't pursue me first... of course this doesn't mean you don't try at all, but b a bit flirty, show them you could like them, but don't go out on a limb and ask them out, that's their job - I also had a skim of that book "He's Jusrt Not that into you" and that's wat it said.. so let's see if it's true..


If he likes you, he'll make the effort, otherwise he's just not worth it! Don't try and formulate excuses for him, cos everytime you do it just makes u hold onto hope which may not be viable.. But i don't mean close the door on him completely, just leave it a little ajar.. not wide open!





ps. You could CASUALLY go into the store, but by no means show him u care anymore.. just be natural like u would b with any acquaintance.

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Yeah, go back into the store as QM says casually.


I didn't mean go back in like a lost puppy and start giving him all the attention.


If he likes you and he IS GENUINE then he will ask to meet up / get your full phone number. If this happens though, GET HIS NUMBER TOO!


If he really wants to meet up then he will call you!


I've learned over the last while, that phone numbers must be exchanged otherwise it ends up with someone waiting for that phone to ring.

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