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Hi to all the lonely singles out there!!

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Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone out there who doesn't have someone special at the moment. I imagine that this time of year is the worst for alot of people, it is for me right now - it sucks that there's no one to share the holidays with


Well, roll on new years, and hope that 2005 brings happiness and a new relationship to those currently without, or prosperity for those lucky enough to be in one right now..

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Another thing i would just like to say how valuable this forum is. I honestly wouldn't have expected that I would be the sort of guy to go to a forum for relationship advice, but believe me it HELPS.


When i'm feeling a bit down and miss my ex, i come here and read a few posts- that is when i realise that everyone in the world is not invincible, that i'm certainly not the only to feel the bad sides of love, and the future surely holds bright prospects if only i'd lift my head up to see it...


And, yeah - wasnt going to mention Valentines- It was on valentines last year that I first rang up my ex to ask her out , and I'm sure this years going to be a sore moment unless I meet someone in the meantime. (please please please ) Why do they always turn it into such a marketing hype -ads with cuddly cutesy couples and such?? its so annoying, .... but I digress.


How about anyone else? Feel free to post- lets just see how many lonely and single people are out there eh??

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I am in the same crowd with you all. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment just family and friends. For me, being single hurts most for New Year's Eve and Valentines. I count how many I have been "alone" for and tool over why I am still single. But I just go out with my other single gals and we laugh the night away.


I hope everyone at least enjoys the holidays no matter who you are with.

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I guess I am somewhat fortunate b/c this is my third breakup with the same person and am sick of the rollercoaster ride. Isn't this an opportunity to live and learn? I mean, that's why you are here at this forum...to learn to read to educate yourself. I have never really spent time with my friends when I was involved. I did off and on but not what they deserved. So this holiday I am gonna call them and wish them a Merry Xmas and spend time with them New Years and give them the grattitude they deserve for putting up with me. I truly feel lucky this holiday and New Years b/c I have a chance to start again, get it right, and strengthen my friendships.

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One more X-mas with no one special... The other ones weren't that hard but this one will be hard as hell... Everything was being settled and was really excited with the idea of showing how a X-Mas was in my country. Guess i planned to soon.

Yeah 2004 will have the worst X-mas ever for me.

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yea... all my past holidays and new years were fine cause i'd never really even thought about being alone... i didn't know what it was like being with someone yet. then 2004 saw my first girlfriend which ended horribly, and results in her enjoying the holidays with her new bf who incidentally was fooling around with her while i was dating her anyway... i guess it works out for them cause they're together and happy now. but man, i wish i didn't have to suffer like this for something i didn't do. i just hope i can at least find someone who's interested in me before valentine's day, it will probably suck more than xmas and new years' alone.

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i just hope i can at least find someone who's interested in me before valentine's day, it will probably suck more than xmas and new years' alone.


Don't be to anxious on trying to find somebody. The more you look the less you find. Just meet new ppl, see your friends, family and enjoy your time. It will happen eventually.

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Valentines day?!?! Please take those words back! I know by valentines day i still wont be completely over my ex so i know i wont have a new relationship to think about Ugh it hurts. Today hurts worst. So far the holidays have been hard but im really feeling it today.. I want the feeling to go away!!!


Love to everyone though. Its funny how times and situations like this can get a hold of us. Just remember its about growing and loving and being an awesome person to the core!

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