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does she like me?


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Im 17 years old and theres this girl i like alot. shes my sister best friend, two grades head of me but only like 1 year and 4 mounths older then me.i known here for like 6 years but every sense i got to be a sofemore in high and she was a sen. we use to have like this thing at never thought it as someinthg, but she would always call me honey or cutie and stuff. and she would come over all the time with my sis. we wuld talke sometimes, or when i would be making something to eat she would ask me if i could make her the same thing i said yeah sure. this happen like aleats 3 times. she also maid me sometinhg for lunch like twice. but one day i woke up and starting to feel these feeling i have for her. and i started to relizes all this stuff like the honey thing and food thing. did it really mean somethiong to her to. was that her weay of trying to tel me something. or like when we would talk she would always be smliing and i would be to and i didnt relize how happy i was when i woukld tlak to her. does any of this stuff m,e she like me ior sometinh glike that?

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I'm not totaly sure about this, but it's probably a safe bet


To me, it sounds like she is babying you. The honey stuff, making your lunch, it sounds like she is treating you as her own brother, cause she is your sisters good friend. Your 17, how is there two grades between you? Your in Grade 12, how old are you actually? Not that it matter exactly, but being 2 grades different, especially when we're talking about the older person being the woman, is lots


I wish I'm way off, but have a feeling I'm probably not. Good luck

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