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I figured out that I'm BI, Comparing both sexes....

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Well , I have figured out that I'm bi... and i think im pushing a little more towards the gay side right now.. I mean, i never liked any guys until this one... he is my best friend, and this is terrible because I really don't want to end a friendship but I hate hiding how I feel and who I am from him.


Should I come out and just talk to him and tell him about it? This is bothering me so bad, I'm afraid I'll lose my best friend and I don't want to freak him out.


The other thing I was wondering.... how much difference is there in having sex with a girl and having sex with a guy? When you get ready to have sex what should you do to prepare for it? I've heard its not like anything "porno" , that it is nasty in the real world. I NEVER really plan on doing this with a guy but.... just curious on what whoever and I should do to prepare for it....


Help, I really feel like I need to break the news to him. I don't know what to do at all.....

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Hi Fallen Apple,


I don't know about sex between two guys as i am a girl and haven't had that priviledge! But i don't think it's "nasty" as you put it. I imagine you can have all sorts of sex with a guy, whether it be purely mutual masturbation, masturbate each other, oral, or anal. I personally would stay away from anal, what with the AIDS scare and all, but if you want to prepare for sex with a guy, always make sure you use a condom as you don't know where they've been.


That's my bit of safe sex talk for the day.

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About your friend


Is there a chance he is gay or bi? Because i am going to be brutally honest. If my best friend (who is a guy) said to me flat out, that he was not only gay/bi but attracted to me, i wouldn't spend much time with that person any more. It changes how comfortable you feel with that person. We don't know this friend, I believe you need to judge on your own how your friend will react. Just look at it from his veiw. 5 years ago when you thought you were straight, how would you feel if he said he liked you? It'd be very strange, especially if you've dropped no clues. Just be carefull because this isn't a perfect world and it definatly could jeapardize your friendship.

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I agree with the previous poster: Do you really know this friend of yours? Are you sure your friendship with him will remain intact after you come out clean?


Throughout year I made many friends, some of them gay, but never thought of getting intimate with any of them. Moreover, I was once surprised by a good friend of mine in a similar fashion and almost punched him in the face! Still, I do remain close friends with him and his family.


As for the preparation bit; I don't think preparation is different from heterosexual relations. But do wear a condom and make sure your partner does the same...

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Does he know your bi leaning gay? What is his views on gay people? Is he gay?



Talk to him about being gay or bi but hold off on telling him how you feel about him for right now, it could push him away. Try covering the gay issues first.


I'm gay and have been with both guys and girls (the girls were before I admitted the fact I was gay), you can share the same intimacy with both sexes. And as far as sex always, always, always wear condoms.

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