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this is weird right, it's not just me going crazy?

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me and my ex have been broken up for about 6ish months now.. and a month ago he came back and told me he missed me, n took me down memory lane again...yet he couldnt hang out with me cuz he didnt wanna get attached again or something..anyway we stop talkin for a month...sorta...he kept bothering my family for a coat he left here like a year ago and after a few weeks he decides to come and get it..he tried to talk to me in the hallway on campus after my mom told him to leave me alone..and then after i ignored him he calls my mom askin how he can get his coat back..she tells him to come over and get it. so he does..he ends up stayin at my house talkin to my mom for 45minutes about who/why i have been with "bad ass" guys he was acting all concerned like I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN (like the latest guy i was w/i found out my ex emailed him sayin do u kno who i am, im her ex, what are your intentions with her?)..he even asks my mom about guys i dated months ago after the break up.. then he asks my mom over and over if my family hates him and says he thougth he wasnt welcome here anymore, (i wasnt home when this was happening btw) and to top it all off...my mom had the coat in her hand and she says do me a favor, dont contact my daughter unless you truly mean it next time cuz i dont want her gettin hurt anymore...and he says i havea favor to ask of you, can i see her room? please? my mom said he was staring at my bed and lookin at the new painted walls


now am i losing it or why the hell would an ex come over and ask to go in my room!?!?!??!?!! anyone have any ideas why?!


oh and last month when he came back to reminice with me.. he told me he still had feelings for me but he was so confused ( i was his first love/real gf) and after he finds out im with someone new 2 days later he gets a gf...after he was so emotional with me for a week...

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psycho psycho psycho psycho!!!


an ex of mine emailed guys i was dating too, but he hacked into my email to get their email addresses which is even more psycho!!! in my opinion leave him alone demand him to leave u alone & to find a new gf. & to stop harassing your bf's!!! its none of his business!!! tell him off & say if u ever contact me or my family again im getting a restraining order on you.


my ex of 2 yrs ago still harasses me to this day. im tellin u it starts off like this & it will get progressivly worse! hes turning crazy! he prolly misses you & his old life & its driving him insane....literally! cut off all ties, get a new phone #, new email address, & be very stern with him!!



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If I were you, I'd cease contact with this guy. Mail him his stuff if there is anything left. Normally I think it's fine to be friends with exes; however, even if one person is still a bit attached to the other, it's never okay to start meddling in the other's current relationships or spreading gossip. If he has concerns, he should either keep them to himself, or, if you two were closer than you seem to be, bring them up to you (by closer, I mean very good friends who see each other often in a "normal" fashion!). The whole "can I see her room" bit was kind of odd as well. Bit of obsession going on here?


If you broke up with him, I could indeed understand his wavering about hanging out versus not doing--and not getting attached. But it sounds like perhaps he broke up with you.


Well, anyway, steer clear, at least for now!

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i'm almost 20 and he's almost 19 now.. he did break up with me, and never gave me a straight up answer why in the beginning and even up the last moment around our anniver spoiled me n gave me roses n everything..then 2 days later hes back to confusion...this was back in july..


ever since then he was mean to me and was with someone else... and then after the break up he contacts me again and tells me im the only one he's had a lot of feelings for and hes so confused and doesnt kno what hes doing...i almost feel like hes makin up for things he never did in highschool..cuz he didnt have gf's or anything, and now hes doing it...but if we're so connected and emotionally attached i dont kno why he's putting us through this.. i mean this kid was IN LOVE with me, he'd get up at 6am and surprise me with breakfast in bed, and even cry during love movies with me cuz he'd relate it with me.. and then he dumps me cuz he hasnt had enough girlfriends?


then he tries to keep his distance while bein in contact with me..and then he finds out im with someone and after just telling me he misses me and doesnt want a gf right now cuz hes so mixed up... like not even a week later hes with a new gf.. and then thats when that whole coat thing happened when he came to my house for the 45 min...who knows whats going on anymore, i sure as hell don't.

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Well the only advice i can say is move on hun... This boy as we have extablished is confused. He's only 19, so I guess he still don't know what he wants... Leave him be. I mean, you've been broken up for a while now, and it seems to me that you're doing fine...


There is no time to be wasting time on someone who doesnt know what he wants. He is just stringing you along. I know u care about him but just focus on you...


littlefeet's advice is DEFINITELY to be heard!

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Echo Ated. . . look after you. You seem like a caring person, with a very understanding family. (My mum is lovely, but I doubt she would be so kind to someone who dumped me and then wanted to see my bedroom; she'd show him the door, in short order!) Well, I like to care about people too, but one lesson I've learned the hard way is that some problems can't be fixed by caring.

This guy has a lot of self-discovery to do by the sound of things; emphasis on SELF.

You look after you. . . as Ated said. . . and you'll wind up with a great relationship someday.

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