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QUESTIONS!!!(mainly for guys but girls can answer, too)

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Basically all this varies between guys. You'll find some who like one thing, while others like something completely different.


I think that guys like to start kisses and have girl's start. Of course its nice when your girlfriend or boyfriend first gives you a kiss, but its also nice giving it to them. So I think them starting sometimes is a good thing.


I really don't know if guys like lip gloss. I'm sure some don't mind while others don't like it. I know my boyfriend doesn't mind when I kiss him with lip gloss on because I wear it all the time.


You can put your hands anywhere that feels the most comfortable.


Basically once you start getting into kissing, you will think that you won't know what to do. However, its really easier than you think. Right now you are worried that you won't know what to do with your hands, but it really will come naturally to you.

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For my ex BF, he didn't really like the lip gloss. He said that lip balm was better because it didn't smear all over when we kissed(it also comes in a lot of flavors) . As to where to put your hands, it depends on how you are postioned with the guy. If hes in front of you standing up you can put your hands on his neck. If your sitting on his lap just leave your hands in your lap.


My personal suggestion is try not to worry about it and just go with the flow. you should know what to do. I doubt that while your kissing him you will really be worried about where to put your hands.

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Well I guess I'll give you the guy answer, but it's pretty much the same as the previous answers.


1. Guys like to start a kiss to show that they "want" thier girl, but guys love it when a girl starts a kiss too since it shows she "desires" him just as much. It's kinda like a give and take situation. All guys like to give all kinds of affection to thier girl and show her how much they care, but deep down every guy wants that same type of attention showed back to them. If you want a kiss you should just go for it, and not worry about who should have started it first.


2. Yes and No. Lipstick/gloss is sexy and sometimes taste good, but it makes a mess and sometimes leaves both people's lips sticky. Lip balm is a nice "medium" of the two, since it still gives the girl that "sexy" look without making the mess or leaving the sticky feeling. Although some guys don't mind lip gloss and lipstick at all either, but sometimes a break from it is nice too. You b/f will let you know somehow if he doesn't like lipstick/gloss that much (as I said guys still like it, but some don't like it all the time).


3. Your hands will go wherever they want, and to be a bit frank most guys don't think about where your hands are during a kiss. It always feels nice to have my g/f put her arms around me then give me a kiss. Or when I'm kissing her she will put a hand on the side of my face and just hold it there (it just feels really nice). It also feels nice when she holds my hand during a kiss, or when she rubs her hands through my hair. As you can see it really doesn't matter where her hands are, since it will always feel good at the moment since the kiss is what's more important. Her hands could be by her side (it's happened) and it doesn't take away from the kiss at all. So just let your hands do whatever feels good, it wont make a difference to the guy.


Since your new to kissing then I would just say that you need to relax. Don't bother yourself with so many questions about kissing, since it's actually a really natural thing. If you have all these worries and questions before a kiss, then you wont be able to just enjoy the kiss since your mind is in so many other places. Just keep a clear head and you'll be fine.

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do guys like to start kisses or have the girl start the kiss?


do guys like girls to wear lipstick/gloss during a kiss?


where should girls put their hands during a kiss?


ack i'm new to the whole kissing thing...thanks in advance for the help lol.

It's nice when the girl takes the inititive but I don't ming running the show.


Any kind of substance on the lips is undesirable in my opinion, with the obvious exception of spit or whatever you'd like to call it.


...not too picky about where the hands go, whatever the girl feels like.

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i like it when a girl kisses me thats definetly hot clear strawberry lipgloss hot as hell right there hands anywhere the under the ear is ok ya know and playing with his hair is nice i like that there are more......."creative" places to put ur hands but hey thats a kissing of a different type isnt it thats ok but anywhere is fine dont pay attention to ur hands...dont pay attention really at all just get lost int he kiss its the best thing

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I'm a girl but here's what I say.



do guys like to start kisses or have the girl start the kiss? prolly girls, no pressure for the guys.


do guys like girls to wear lipstick/gloss during a kiss? some do, which do you prefer


where should girls put their hands during a kiss? if you're sitting down, a girl will probably put her hands on the guys stomach, if you're standing up, either on the stomach or holding on to the guys elbows.


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Should I only kiss a girl if I'm ready for a committed relationship. If I kiss a girl will that either lead into a serious or friends with benefit relationship. Once you kiss, does it mean there's no going back in saying that if I kiss a girl is it possible to just be friends.


One other question, does a friendship workout after two people have slept together?

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I agree with most evrybody. You can put your hands around him, on his neck in his hands or whatever. Lipstick isn't a good idea since it can get allover and look bad and not taste good but the gloss and the chapstick with the flavas and all are good as long as there's no smearing or sparkly stuff and what not. Whether you or your boy starts the kiss doesn't really matter, just don't let it be the same person all the time hence that might start some communication problems so always talk to him, mattefact go ask him! A relationship is an adventure and you want it to be a fun one so ask him questions and let him ask you questions, communicate well and then experiment with eachothers lips.


I tell bout my first kiss here

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