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I dunno what to think now...

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I'm going out with this guy named Devon. I LOVE HIM to death! But the way I met him wasn't as natural as our love for each other. You see, we met through my friend Khayla, who met him through her cuz. Khaylas cuz Courtny dated him for like 8 months before he broke up with her. Then Devon and khayla went out for like a day then she broke up with him. SOOOOO then one day he IM's khayla and asked him if she knew anyone he might like. Well, khayla goes what are you looking for?. He goes, well someone whos got a good personality, blonde, athletic, and she screams out EMILY, EMILY!!...So he IM's me and we get to talking, and after about 3 weeks I think?..well he asked me out. we went out for like 3 more when I dumped him cuz KHAYLA didn't want me dating him... gay I know...But yea. Then Devon waited for me I found out for like a week to c if i'd come back..but stupid me I didn't...So he strted datijng this other girl named sam. WELL NOW SHE WAS A S**T head!! She was really rude to me and all that. I still talked to devon but sam prevented him from ever calling me again so I felt like she was jelous that she'd lose him...gay shiznat again I know...well after awhile sam broke up with him, and he asked me out...Knowing I still loved him I said yes. Well now its been like 3-4 weeks and I feel like I wanna spend the rest of my life with him! He's coming up New Years to see me!..YAY!! But I feel like, until I meet him that I can't really connect phycially with him. I dunno what to do.I wanna see him, yet I'm afraid of what the outcome might be....I have been told i'm a stupid bnitznatch for doing this but I do'nt know about that...CAN SOMEONE HELP M E PLEASE????????!!!!!!!!??????????

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Wow, for one, we don't need so many names. That was tough to interpret! And the stuff like shiznatsatch or w/e isn't really a great thing when you have adults on here trying to interpret this! ANYWAY...


First off, let's get something straight: No matter how big the crush you had on this guy is or was, you never 'loved him' I think your a little confused on what love is! How could you say you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him after only a few months at age 15???? Do you have any idea how rediculous that sounds? I mean, the persentage chance that if you stayed together, never tried dating anouther man again, and then got married fresh out of school lasting is? It'd never work! You can't assume he is 'the one' at age 15 when it sounds like you havn't even known him too long.


You can choose what you want to do about him from their, but I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to get too caried away, because you sound really confused about what love is and what a crush is.


Good luck

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First you can't know this guy if you have never met him.

How old is this guy,and do you know if every thing he tells you is true,or is this just another guy just cybering just for the fun of it.Please don't make a comitment till you meet this guy in person,and not alone.What you are doing can be a very dangerous thing.Words of love from a guy to a girl your age,can be very believeable.I beg you to give it some time and a lot of thought.

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