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This weekend I went away to the mountains to Snowboard like I do most weekends during the season. As I took the gondola to the top of the mountain I looked out on the distance. All I could see was snowcovered earth. I began to think about life, or my life for that matter. I then realized that I also am doing something tomorrow! Everyday of my life I say "I'll do that tomorrow".


My roomate in college always used to ask me to go with him to the sand doons and ride Motorcycles and buggies with him. Everytime he went it was always the wrong time for me. I would politely decline, and tell him to count me in next time he went. This went on for years, and I* always planned on going the next time, but nevwer did! It has now been over 2 years since he passed away while we were still in college.


For some people tomorrow never comes...infact this is true for most of us!! We are all waiting for something that might never happen. I often times struggle with what has happened to me over the last couple of years.... First real break up, college friends died, family and family friends have died, and my parents 35 year marriage sadly came to an end. Often times I have felt so alone...despite the fact that I have tons of friends, and never stay home alone on wekends...or most nights for that matter. But regardless of this, I have still felt so very alone. I am getting better now, and have come so far. I have mty set backs, and still have so far to go.


I am not going to continue to put things off until tomorrow!! Life is too short. Why not make the best of it! Everyperson is going to die. This is a fact, but not every person really lives!!! I do not want to be one of these people!! I do not want to leave this earth with things to do tomorrow! I may not have enough time!! I want to live life like I am dying, and not waste another precesious moment!



comments and questions are always welcome..you can pm me too!!

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You are right about living in the present, but you need to forget about the past. Don't worry about too much about the past, remember that you only can control what happens to you in the present and near future.


Why do we have Phobias?? that is not to say that you are afraid of sand dunes, but you realized that something was holding you back. Now you miss your friend and he was killed in an auto accident, right?


The reason that I bring this up is that maybe he was living too dangerously and you realized this on a subconscious level. That is why you resisted doing it or put it off.


The moral is-- to do what you feel comfortable with. Don't get rid of all your fears at one time, take things as they come to you.

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sisterlynch, thanks for the reply. Yes my roomate did die in an auto accident, but not while out on the sand dunes. In hind sight I wished I would have gone to the dunes with himm, as I am an adrenaline junky! But the truth is that I always thought I would have another oppurtunity to go. The point is that I put it off and then one day he was gone, and we could no longer go to the dunes... But you are right, leave the past behind you, and sieze the day!!!

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Kantore, it took me 30+ years to realize your point. There are no guarantees that we will ever see tomorrow. Worrying and fearing tomorrow or feeling guilty about the past is not productive. It will just waste you away ...and you won't have time to live!


Life IS short ...enjoy!!! Right now!

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I really enjoyed your post. Its so true and I hope you never forget it, people come into our lives and people go out of our lives, they stay for a short time or they stay for a long time but we should cherish every moment they are with us, and let them go when they leave. The only one you have to answer to is yourself, and you dont want to have regerts about missing out on things when its time to look back on your life. Im also a little jelous, sounds like that was a heck of ski trip and a heck of a view. And besides you need to back a team like the Patriots not the Raiders.


"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

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